Water (& carpet) long gone, but smell remains

artnjSeptember 19, 2011

Had an inch of water in the finished basement for a few days (we were away). It receded on its own, and when we got home, we removed the carpet and pad. When the cement floor dried, we used a 1/2 bleach 1/2 water mix on it. Smell is much less now 2 1/2 weeks out, but it still smells. Been running a dehumidifier, but it no longer is unusually damp down there, just a normal basement. Ventillation is very weak down there, the windows barely crack for security reasons, so the door at the top of the stairs is really the only meaningful ventillation.

Had some modest mold on the baseboards and sheet rock (water stains up to 8 inches on sheetrock) but a little bleach/water fixed that. I dont know if I have a problem inside the walls, but surely that wouldnt be the cause of the smell?

What should we do?

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The sheetrock got wet, as did any insulation behind it along with the wood framing.

When our finished basement flooded, we cut out the bottom couple feet of sheetrock and insulation (above the water line) ran industrial dehumidifiers and a few weeks later we rebuilt.

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