Diet Pals 24 - 30 Pamper Week!!!

quiltingbunnyMay 23, 2004

Okay, I am still waiting for my cinnamon order. But, just for fun, I thought this should be a pamper week! Let's not just focus on healthy eating - let's pamper ourselves this week.


Because WE DESERVE IT!!!!

I am not suggesting going out and buying stuff - I am looking for natural things we can do at home. I plan to goop myself from head to toe this week.

What is your favourite thing to do to pamper yourself?

Please don't use anything on your body that you have a known allergy to.

Plan to stretch out and relax.

Eyes: Slices of cucumber or warm, wet, teabags

Oily Skin:

Mash up strawberries (about 7) and add a tablespoon of honey (can warm in microwave for a couple of seconds)THEN add strawberries and smooth on your skin.


Mash a small banana, 2 tbsp ground oatmeal, 1 tbsp honey


Mashed avocado & honey

There's a link below for some other ideas. You can also search the internet for homemade facial body scrub

Going to get a strong hair conditioner and goop my hair.

Diet wise - last week was challenging. Today I am staying home - have had insomnia really bad last night and plan to get some shut eye today. Also planning to get outside for a walk. Not up to work - totally exhausted. Did not get much done on my stepper but did do a lot of walking both days.

So, what pampering ideas do you want to share?

Heck, I am even going to do my legs and buff myself up from head to toe over the course of this week. Was checking online spa prices and thought - forget it! I'll do it at home. Going to dig in the bathroom - I have a tube of nice green clay masque - going to do my arms, neck, chest and anything else I can reach (stay REAL quiet) and then shower off.

Did you know moisturisers work better if you remove your dead skin? Also, before I forget, you should rinse yourself with warm water before your facial to open the pores so the facial can work better - I guess a warm shower prior to scrubbing down as well would apply.

Today, I start my pamper week!

Join me!


Here is a link that might be useful: Facial Recipes - another site

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Hello everyone!

I was on vacation last week. We sailed on the Voyager of the Seas out of Bayonne, NJ. What a spectacular ship she is!!

My eating was so-so, I did not lose, but I don't think I gained either. Not bad, considering I was surrounded by food 24/7!!! I took the stairs everywhere, so I got in a great amount of exercise.

I'm going to pamper myself in several ways this week....pedicure; bath salts while reading a book (some trashy, girly story I think! LOL), a facial scrub; and an appointment later this week for a shampoo and cut at my favorite salon that serves up decaf coffee to patrons while we chat about the latest gossip!!!

I'm still hanging in there, McPeg. I am NOT giving up; I am going to win this battle!

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Still hanging in there, too, McPeg. Lost another 2 pounds as of Monday!

My pampering will be a bubble bath, and starting my summer toenail-painting season. Should be easier to reach them this year. ;)


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Okay, I am re-energising this my bath scrub stuff and....its been wax & strips to rip the hair out on my legs only. If ya hear any howling from across the pond - its me!!!!!
Today is a detox day for me. Yogurts, fruit, water, fruit, frozen fruit, water and okay - A COFFEE (let's not push it!).

Glad to see my pals looking after themselves. Will check in later to see how you are getting on with things!


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Hello everyone!

I feel back in the groove! Drinking lots of liquids and counting every point, down the 1/2 point!! Only used 4 flex points this week.

Have a luncheon meeting where the agenda states "pizza and wings". Pooh! I brought in a zip-lock bag of celery and cherry tomatoes to have before I go in (or I'll bring it along). One slice of that pizza they serve is 6 points, so I should be OK. Had 2-points of yogurt for breakfast, and I also brought a 1-point banana for later this afternoon (before my exercise class).

On the pampering front, I've not gotten to it yet, but tonight, I plan to give myself a pedicure while watching the final American Idol show. (OK, I'll admit that I watch it!) Two years ago, DH gave me one of those wax machines that you put your hands or feet into...I'm gonna use that before my polish. Then before I go to bed, I'll put on heavy foot cream and cotton socks so that I am ready for sandals this year! Hoping that with my weight loss, I can start getting prettier shoes that have a younger look!!

Gotta run and take this phone call. Why does business get in the way of my stuff? LOL!!!

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Well, guess what arrived today???? My cinnamon keep an eye out for that cinnamon challenge week - I need it myself!
Last night had italian food with family (will get a 3 week break from all these routines with DH going on holiday home to visit his family)...I get the TV remote, QUIET, can listen to my tunes - fewer dishes - and so on! Going to be stepping more on my machine because I won't be interrupting his star trek!
Have a fabby day!

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Haven't posted lately.....sorry, my computer has been on the fritz. I have now lost a total of 15 pounds...Whoohoo!! and am almost down 2 sizes! I did some weight lifting with my husband yesterday, but still having trouble finding the time to excercise with a job and 3 kids, but I try. For my pampering, I went out and got myself a new haircut and style. I also went to a plant swap last week and am busy planting about 40 new plants.

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Hi all - Missed my WW meeting yesterday because I was called into work but I went this morning and lost 2 lbs. That made me feel great. At work they have donuts out all day and yesterday I was able not to have any. I drank my water and when I really wanted a donut I nibbled on a rice cake (which I happen to like). I still have this blasted cold and not feeling great but I have to say just losing those 2 lbs this morning has perked me up. I am planning a WW recipe for dinner and plan to get to Curves some time today. For pampering I plan to get a haircut tomorrow and give myself a manicure. Thanks so much for the encouragement.

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It looks like we're all ladies here, so I guess I can post this--I had to move to the tighter set of hooks on one of my bras yesterday. This hasn't happened in years--Progress!

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Great news, Erica! I noticed that same thing about a month ago (on ME of course; not you!) LOL

Things are really looking up lately (or is it down!!!) Haaaaaaaaa!!!

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Hi all! Congrats on those lbs. lost!

I haven't weighed in the past week and this weekend will be tough, holiday stuff. But, I have worked outside cutting my hedges and have been working with my weights more. I want to get my arms toned up----got that hanging chicken-fat stuff--lol----

Great idea, McPeg. I'm going to do the facial thing tonight. And my eyebrows probably need arching, again. Take care, everyone and have a great holiday!

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