info on mylar. HELP

eeaieeaiohFebruary 28, 2014

This is a question related to this forum but not exactly. I am a container gardener. Last year I found my buckets became super-heated in the summer sun thus cooking the roots. So this year I have decided to use mylar sheets (space blankets) to help block the radiant heat. As you can see from the picture, wrapping mylar blankets around the buckets is not a pretty solution. My question is, will the mylar still retain its radiant barrier quality even if (a) it is covered with fabric or (b) the mylar is used to line the inside of the bucket?

Thank you for your help

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Do you happen to have a County Extension Office with a Horticulture Agent (Cooperative Extension Service associated with a State University) in your area? I would make an appointment and see what they say. Interesting concept, I must say. If you find out more information, please come back and share it. -Grainlady

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