How long does the battery on a portable DVD player last?

cheerful1_gwJuly 26, 2006

I'm researching the purchase of a portable DVD player. I noticed the replacement battery can cost almost the price of the player itself. How long does the original battery last before you'd have to replace it?

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There really is no way of telling. It depends on the type of battery (NiMH, lithium ion, etc.), how many discharge/recharge cycles the battery has gone through, whether the device is plugged in most of the time, storage conditions,....

Sorry this isn't much of a help. But it's kind of like asking how many licks there are to a Tootsie Pop. :-)

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In my limited experience these batteries are Li-ion and give approx 12 months of full performance and another 12-18 of decreasing performance before becoming basically useless. When I say useless I mean that the battery will no longer provide power for the length of a typical 1.5 - 2 hour movie.

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Mine lasts about 3.5 hours, not quite long enough to watch 2 movies. Unfortunately, I don't remember the brand name, I bought it many years ago.

You can probably check the specs online with the manufacturer before you buy it. I also like to read product reviews on, even if I don't buy it there.

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