Phillips 29PT5685/79R just shuts down led blinks

RobKarJuly 9, 2005

It will switch on for anywhere between 2 minutes to 2 hours then just switches off, at times in the center of the screen you can see the 3 colours for a few seconds but fades away,the standby led then blinks 15 times then a pause then repeats. TV has to be then turned off then on again before it'll go again.

Its a model 29PT5683/79R with an A8.0A chassis, other numbers on the id plate are SV009850

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I have a Philips model 27RF70S125 television that just shuts off with no warning. Once it shuts off you just have to wait for a period of time before it can be turned on again. Anywhere from a few minutes to hours. I would love to here if the problems might be similar.


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Hi, The standby led starts blinking on this one, and it will turn on again straight away, as long as the power switch is turned of then on again, then it will turn on from the remote or the pad on top of the TV, I've a copy of the service manual, that mentions a ( size >21') in a triangle but have no idea as to what that refers to, it then goes on about desoldering things from there, and testing to eliminate it

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I have a 2002 Philips 27RF70S125 and it keeps shutting off by itself. I will turn on again in 1-10 minutes but shuts back off again after a while. Any suggestions on what could be causing it?

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