WW's Monday 5/8~~Sunday 5/14

lunchlady1948May 8, 2006

HI!! We had a great time the weather was overcast but not cold.

We went by WW's on our way out of town on Friday morning and I did my weigh in 1.4 YAHOO!!! I ate very well on the trip alot more than I should but it was all core foods. I felt very good about it:)

CL I will have to get my new map out for the coast and check out where you live:)

FW hope you weigh in went well:)

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I weigh in tonight and I am dreading it. I am still working out but I am eating anything and everything. I am not a chocolate fan never have been but for some reason I am craving it! It easier when I am at work because then I just keep healthy treats at my desk and pack them for lunch but on the weekends it's awful!

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LL, I'm about 40 minutes inland from SB. (right over those beautiful mountains you saw) Because we are inland, sometimes our weather is very different from SB. It was beautiful on Friday so I was hoping for a nice Saturday but it wasn't to be. Sunday was much better. Glad you and your husband had a nice time, and you still lost! win win!
I weighed in yesterday after my very first week and lost 2.6 - yahoo! And yesterday at the meeting I bought one of those folding points calculators so I'm all excited about that. I know, it doesn't take much. :)

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FW how did it go???? YUP! Weekends are the worst for me, my DH works nights and I am alone alot so that is when I binge:( I love chocolate it is a trigger food for me so I leave it alone and chips. They say the more refined sugars you eat the more you crave them and I am finding that to be very true~~~I have very little and I do not crave it at all.

CL, Double YAHOO on your weight loss keep it up!! We went up to Ojai on Sat have you been there?? It was OK just not as artsy as I thought it would be.

My challenge this week will be a tea my CURVES pal and I have reservations for Friday afternoon~~~we are treating ourselves for Mothers Day. I am sure a tea is not on the Core Plan~~I will weigh in Friday morning instead of the evening:) And then just enjoy my tea but hopefull not over do. Then a baby's first b-day on Satuday, I found out the menu is going to be hot dogs, hamburgers and chips:( So I am going to stop and get a salad to take. After the party I am going to my mom's, my brother and I will take her out to dinner. I am sure it will end up being Mexican and there is usually nothing good going on with that LOL!!!

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FW, how was your weigh in? Don't beat yourself up - just kick the dust off your feet and keep going forward! Wasn't it one of you ladies who recommended the little oreo crisps in the 100 calorie packages? Well I tried them and they're good! I also picked up a couple of boxes of the WW snack bars in two different chocolate flavors and was surprised at how good they are - the peanut caramel snack bars are 2 points and definitely just like a candy bar. Except they cost more. :(

LL, Have really only been in Ojai when my son was there playing basketball a few times and we had time to kill in between games - very touristy. The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is supposed to be great if you and some girlfriends ever want to get away for some quality spa time... some frineds of mine have been there and they love it. You can do an actual spa program for a week, or just go for a day or a weekend of pampering.

Maybe you can switch over to the flex plan for one week! Is that allowed? I love teas, if they come with a glass of champagne and those cute little finger sandwiches. Will you be wearing a hat?

FW what do you do for work? I actually eat more at work because I'm sitting at my desk with the opportunity to snack all the time. And I always kept snacks since I'm so afraid I might get hungry, and then, gasp, starve! So this past week and 1 day I've been rediscovering what hungry feels like and I've been amazed to find it hasn't killed me yet!

Have a great day ladies, and thanks for sharing!

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I lost 1.8lbs last night. I was shocked! Happy but shocked!
I work at my desk all day but I don't keep munchies at my desk. I have a little basket with the 100 calories snackes in it and some sugar free cinnamon candies. Before I joined WW I could of opened a 7-11 store at my desk. You name it I had it and would sit here all day and munch. Then on my lunch hour it became a mission to find more fun things to have at my desk! When I joined WW I piled up all my goodies and took them to the breakroom. Now it's all healthy stuff. I have a bag of carrots and sugar snap peas I am muching on today. Plus I have my huge glass of Chrystal Lite.
We are going out of town this weekend and I am already making a plan as to what and where I can eat.
Traveling has always been an issue. I would buy bags of chips and other goodies to have in the car that we could snack on while we traveled. Now it's carrots, grapes and other things I have all ready to go.

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FW Good For you on the weight loss!!

Since I work in an elementary cafeteria I am around food all day:( And it is not always good for you food, good for kids but junk food for me:( Corn dogs, chicken nuggets and burritos being my fav to grab and munch! But I have brought my lunch and a snack everyday since I have been on WW's and I will only eat fruit or veggies at work and I drink alot of water.

I went and got some of those 100 cal snacks, but have not tried them yet. I bought the WW's choco bars they taste as good as candy to me. I also have the breakfast ones so if my pal wants to get a snack at StarBucks after our work out I can eat that. What I really love is the WW's pretzels they are new have you tried them YUMMERS!! I love them~~just about addicted to them. Which leads me to believe I need crunchy salty stuff more than sweet.

CL I have heard about gals switching from plan to plan, I was never sure why they did it?? I will ask my leader this week. In fact I think I even read it in one of the many booklets they give us:) No we will not be wearing hats for our tea~~we are excited tho I hope it is good. Has to be worth the points right girls????

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I am BAD!!! I just ate two pieces of pizza:( It did taste so good, I have eaten very lite today so I am hoping it will not show up at my weigh in tomorrow:( My son has been going through a depressing break up with a girl he has been with for 3 years and he thought she was 'the one'. but I guess she did not think the same way. So it has been stressful having to watch my baby go through this, it has really hit him hard, since he does not understand why:(

So that is it~~I am a stress eater:(

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Sorry about your baby LL, how old is he? Better to know it won't work before getting married than after (like I did) - although that is of little comfort to his tender broken heart now, I know.

Funny, I also ate 2 pieces of pizza last night. Survivor night used to be pizza night at our house so I decided to live it up and have Dominos so at least I could count the points (15)- using the rest of my day's allowance and some weekly points. Hopefully it won't cause me to revert to my old sinful ways. :)

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CL my baby is 22 and yes it is better to know now than later when babies may be involved.

GUESS WHAT?? I lost 2.4 last week even with my trip and my pizza:) A total of 17lbs~~puts me within 1lb of my goal weight:) I am going to use the high end of the weight chart for my goal. I do not want to go crazy and make it some dumb weight I can not maintain. WOW! I love this WW's!!! Now for me the real work will begin maintaining!!!

My asst at work today told me I need new jeans, that I look all saggy baggy in mine. I told her nope not until next school year, if I can maintain over the summer I will get all new work jeans~~until then I am going to be saggy baggy!! I do not wear them in the summer anyway, I live in capri pants that now fit me:)

FW where are you???

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