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qt102May 15, 2006

I've been trying to lose weight for as long as i can remeber. My family has had many weight problems so ever since i was very young my parents have bought diet coke. I don't drink any other pops besides that drink and i rarely drink water and milk. My question is HOW DO I GET OFF IT?! It's getting to a point in time were i'm phsyically adicted to it, i drink on average 5 cans a day and i need a 'fix' of it all the time. It's not even the caffine either, it's the actuall drink. I can drink caffine free and still get the buzz. I know what i'm doing is not healthy and i would really appreciate any advice anyone can give, thanks!

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I am not sure what to tell you. I have never drank alot of soda in my life but it was enough not to be good for me, I just cold turkeyed it and got off. But I was not addicted. Maybe if you can find something else to drink and start replacing whatever it is with one of your cokes a day for a week then two the next week and do it that way. How about iced tea?? Crystal Lite makes good sugar free drinks. I love water that is my favorite thing to drink, you do need to drink more water. All diets tell you to drink lots of water, I notice more weight loss and less headaches when I drink alot of water.

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thanks, i'll try that right away!!

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Is it working for you???

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It is! It's really helpful that i'm on the Shangri-la diet too, (you have to drink sugar water and stuff) Thanks for the advice!

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take can find it with vitamins in the grocery store or pharmacy fixes your sugar levels and actually gets rid of sugar cravings..I always found when I really wanted a was just that I was really thirsty so drinking lots of water helps too

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Chromium is probably ineffective and may even be dangerous for many people to use. You get sufficient ammounts with a proper diet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chromium

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Have you had any success?

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Diet soda is very addictive. The sweetners they use have a high sugar taste and you start to crave more and more. You are putting chemicals in your body. Have more respect for your body. People put so much garbage in their bodies. Your body is the house of your soul. It is the only house that you will ever get. Take care of it and respect it. Drink water and eat whole unprocessed foods.

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