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lunchlady1948May 22, 2006

Happy New Week Ladies! Fresh start for us all:)

FW how did your weigh in go??? I carried a piece of paper with me all day today, if I bite I write:) Do you think doing the tastings at CostCo count??? After all they are just a smidge! LOL!!!

I seem to be on an eating frenzy~~I think it is slowing down but I can not figure out what started it:( And I was only 1lb from my goal and look what I did to myself! My husband told me to quit beating myself up and just get back on track ASAP!!! Easy for him to say:( Esp when he does not know how crazy I ate yesterday at the dinner I went to and while watching Desparate Housewives. I was the DW last night!! POOHIE!!!

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I weigh in tonight and I am bracing myself for a huge upset! I have been awful lately. I am also on an eating frenzy. I feel like I am starving all the time. I don't know what my problem is. It's not that I'm not eating enough...trust me I'm eating oodles. I am just munchie hungry all the time.
I need to get back on track. I was feeling so good but I have been so run down lately between the surgery and then life just being way to hectic right now it's not a good thing.

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Well, I was down 1.5 pounds this morning. Should have been more, but it was probably those 2 icecreams I had over the weekend. :-( It's easier during the week at work than on the weekend. We entertain a lot and we eat out a lot. That's my problem. I've also figured out that I am a stress eater and we have a "Director" here at work that causes me a LOT of stress. Fortunately he isn't here all the time, but when he comes, he only has to come in the door and I want to eat...everything and anything...yup...he is my stress.

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Vanislegirl...I do the same thing! I do just fine during the week but I eat my way through the weekends. I also have a boss from hell. I found before I joined WW I kept a ton of snacks and munchies at my desk and every time she would walk by I would raid my desk for goodies. Now I only keep the 100 Calorie Snack Packs and Fruit at my desk. I still eat like a wild woman when she walks by but now I just have healthy stuff.

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VIG~~Congrats on the weight loss:) That is good!!!

FW, I am out of control with my eating too, I do not have periods anymore but I almost feel like I am getting ready for one with my eating frenzy and I was cleaning like crazy at work today~~~crazy eh???

I think most women are stress eaters, I believe that we carry most of the stress for our families!

MY CURVES pal asked me to join her, her DD and a pal for dinner at a local Mexican place her treat tonight~~but~~as much as I like the place and it being a freebie and all~~I told her I could not:) Tomorrow night my baby girl and I are going to my grandsons school for a family picnic and open house~~~I know I will be eating a NO NO there I do not need to do it two days in a row!!

CL how are you today???

LunchLady has to stop her madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi ladies - I only had a .6 lb. loss to show for my 3rd week weigh in. I was disappointed. But then I did have that quiche and bread pudding, and there was that Taco Bell the day before... I didn't do myself any good by drowning my sorrow in a big glass of milk and a big piece of sausage and olive pizza that evening. But at least it was just one when normally I'd have had 3. :)
I wonder if WW does weigh ins on Memorial Day? I didn't stay for the meeting and didn't think to ask when I went. Do you know?
So we're ALL back on track today, right? Let's do it together. Ready, set, GO!

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Yahoo!!! I lost 2.8 lbs. last night. I was so sure I went up. I haven't been to a meeting or in to weigh in two weeks and I haven't been all that faithful about writing things down either. I have still been exercising but I didn't think it was any where near what I had been eating. Boy I was so excited.

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My stress generating Director is IN THE BUILDING!!! and he's being a real ass....I am so fighting the urge to eat...it doesn't help that the vending machine guy came to fill up the machines either....

Congratulations to the rest of you!!

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Stay calm and remember he isn't worth blowing your diet. He isn't worth diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and all those other nasty things that go along with being over weight. He's not worth it!!!
Be strong!!

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FW, YAHOOO!!! On your weight loss~~~that is alot I would be dancing in the streets!!

CL, good for you on yours too any loss is a loss:)

VIG don't let thos directors get too you! They are just stupid men!! Keep repeating that every hour on the hour:)

I went to my grandsons school last night for a family picnic and open house and it was great:) I did eat a hamburger bun and all, also a very very small bag of chips:) I had planned it all in my points for the day, so I felt OK:) I feel like I am getting a bit of control back, we shall see tomorrow night when I weigh in.

CL I will try to remember to ask if they are open MD, I think not tho, but I will ask:) Our leader gave us her e-mail addy, do you have one for yours??

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Sorry guys, it's been week from he$$ here...nothing good to report.

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VIG~~sorry to hear that:(

My weigh in on Friday was good~~~well kinda sorta I lost 1.9 pounds~~but if you subtract my 1.4 gain from the week before I really only lost .5. But, the good news is IF I can lose .11 more ounces I will be at goal next Friday.

I just need to get my eating under controll for all that to happen:( We moved our daughter from her apt back to our house yesterday and after we were all packed we went for a fast food of all things Mexican lunch:( I order what I thought might be good and it was not and it was huge!!! Then I made spagetti and garlic bread for dinner:( BUT, with all of the up and down stairs walking I did maybe I worked it all of eh???

Have a nice holiday tomorrow ladies, I will be doing ldy and watching our cat fight with our daughters cat:)

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Good morning Ladies - here it is Memorial Day morning and all my holiday activities are over. Had all the family (all eight of us) together Thursday Friday and Saturday to celebrate my mom's 79th. I was reviewing my quiktrak today and I'm not feeling very optimistic about my next weigh in, which is supposed to be today (which coincidentally is probably the first day of my period). Maybe I'll just eat a few carrots here and there until 5 (and then find out they're not doing the weigh in because of the holiday). This will be the end of my fourth week on the plan.

One thing I have noticed was that in my "honeymoon" first couple of weeks of WW, I had rediscovered what it felt like to be somewhat hungry, and that it didn't kill me. In the last week or so, I haven't been letting myself get hungry. I know it's not good to get so hungry we can't control our eating, but I need to get back to being able to tolerate low level hunger without panicking. I want that honeymoon glow back!

OK, I'm done whining - hope you all are doing better and have a day of sunshine ahead.

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I did nothing but eat all weekend. We went to my sisters house in Idaho and we ate out the entire time we were there. I was suppose to go to weigh in last night but there was no way in heck I was stepping on a scale after what I ate this last weekend. I tell you it was impressive what I put away.
Back to the treadmill and gym. UGG!

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