Surge Suppression

dopeonplasticJuly 18, 2007

I am replacing a UPS battery backup for a digital video security system, but the UPS is only rated at 380 Joules. Does anyone see anything wrong with putting a 1045 Joule single outlet suppressor between the DVR and the UPS? I don't want to fry the DVR (at a cost of over $5K), but I don't know if having two surge suppressors in-line is a no-no...

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Probably want to read the cautions from the ups user manual.

Most I've used and actually read the manual on , say don't plug the ups into a surge supressor. Can cause fires.

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Pooh Bear

What about plugging a surge suppressor into a UPS?
I would think the the capability would be additive.

I have a 6 outlet surge strip plugged into my UPS.
I do it only for the extra outlets, not extra surge protection.

Now I just need a bigger battery for my UPS.

Pooh Bear

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