Neighbor damaged my front door

artemissSeptember 18, 2013

While I was away on a month-long trip, my front door was damaged. An ornament I have on the porch was used to pound into the door, leaving about 30 small dents and scratches.

My next door neighbor, who keeps an eye on my house when I'm gone, told me another neighbor down the street was pounding on doors one night trying to find his house and get in. Apparently he had not taken his meds and his family had to call 911 to get him under control. I have never met these neighbors as they live further down the cul-de-sac, but I certainly have sympathy for their situation.

I'm glad i wasn't home as I live alone and would have been really scared. However, my door now needs repair and repainting, which my handyman estimates at $150.00

What would you do about this? Would you ask the person responsible for the damage to pay for the repair?

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I would eat the repair and forget about it. Maybe not the right thing to do but asking the neighbor you don't know from Adam to cover your loss may turn out to be much more than $150.00 in aggravation and stress.

If you do decide to ask for compensation you must prove the damage was done by this out of control person. Proof probably means someone must have personally witnessed it and is willing to say so.

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I know this sounds cowardly, but I would just fix it and not bother the neighbor in light of the situation. I wouldn't want anyone with a mental illness fixed on me.

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Agree. I would just pay for it myself.

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Thanks for your consideration and replies. That's the way I'm going to go, and feel lucky this is my only problem at the moment. I appreciate your perspective.

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