SmartDrive 9 LW095NZ

Jenna824July 7, 2014

My SmartDrive9 LW095NZ washing machine attempts to start filling at the beginning of a cycle, then stops and starts and stops and starts finally ending with beeping and the lights 2,4,6,7 showing. The spin cycle works fine and the taps are both on. I can't find an online manual with the diagnostic codes anywhere. Does anyone know what 2,4,6,7 means?

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The lights you report is Code 86. LW095 is a Phase 5 machine. Fault Code 86 doesn't apply to Phase 5 machines per the service info I have.

For Phase 2 and 3 machines to which Fault 86 does apply, refer to Fault 106 for repair procedure.

86 = communications error between the display module and motor control module.

Fault 106
Primary action = replace the display module.

Secondary action = If the fault continues, replace the motor controller module. If that solves the problem, refit the original display module to see if the problem recurs. If not, then only the motor controller module was bad and the original display module can remain installed. If the problem does recur, then switch back again to the new display module with the new motor board.

Phase 5 for Fault 106 can also be caused by a bad pump, resistance less than 33 ohms.

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