tv has to warm up

pyro3256July 9, 2007

found this forum on a search and fixed a blow disk capacitor to solve a power problem. tv has work fine for weeks since.

now when we turn on tv, tv powers up to a dark blue screen with light blue horizontal lines with concave borders. this screen remains for some times up to 30 mins. then starts flashing untill normal video signal come in. then the rest of the viewing day is perfect. the audio is there from the start. please help. this is a 36" phillips magnovox smart series. don't know model numbers and such but could try to find them. anybody heard of this please help. im good with tools and sodering is not a prob.

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Well, you need more than good tools and a soldering iron. You also need an Oscilliscope with probes, Hi-Voltage CRT tester, DVM and a TV RF generator to start. The first thing I would do is to verify that all the voltages in the low voltage supply are within specs. Don't mess with the Horizontal voltages unless you know where to probe. A schematic would definitely help. Some TV's have the voltage levels print screened on the main board by the terminals. Have you tried disconnecting the Antenna, cable or satellite signal from the RF input and see if you get just plain snow when you first turn it ON? Bypass the tuner if you have RCA receptecles for video inputs and check it out that way. Too many T/S procedures to list here. Just find a good reputable TV repair person.

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