House odor

bill4020September 9, 2007

For several months, we have noticed a very unpleasant odor that seems to be coming from the crawl space. We have monthly pest control service check this space and use rodent traps,which they check routinely. The smell is not evident when the furnace blower is on. I found several garter snakes in the space a few months back but believe I got rid of them. Could this be the problem?? Suggestions??

(we live in western WA state)

Thanks for your help.

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leaking drain pipe maybe? there just is NO way we could possibly tell you with out going under there.

crawl under and use your nose, you will find it.

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Yellow mold that thrives on wood will blossom on occasion and that is what you might be smelling. If you see a powdery yellow mold while you're crawling around down there, that may be it. Or, it's an entirely other thing.

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