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ericasjMay 22, 2004

I checked the archives, and it doesn't look like anyone's mentioned this for almost a year--so I thought I'd post it. It's been very useful to me, especially to find calories for foods from fast-food places and restaurants. Here is a link to the main page for that section. Go down to the menu box that says "choose a brand", click on the little drop-down arrow next to "average all brands" and you'll get a humongous list of restaurants to check! Just scroll to the one you want, and click on Go.

(Did you know if you ate a whole blooming onion at Outback Steakhouse it's over 1000 calories?)

The main listing for each restaurant gives calories for each item, but if you click on the menu item name (in blue) you'll link to more complete nutrition info, including carb and fat grams.


Here is a link that might be useful: Calorie King - Fast Food/Restaurant section

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Just trying to get this off the top of the postings. ;)

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Great site Erica! Thanks....


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I am a clasic example of being careful what you wish for. All my life, I have been under weight, not skin and bones but I felt as though I could use a few pounds. My father told my mother I was built like a Barbie doll. At any rate, even after having six children, I still only weighted in around 95 to 100 pounds. The doctor told me to drink milk shakes, I drank them until I felt sick just looking at them. He told me to have a glass of wine about a half hour before meals to stimulate my appetite. Well, it didn't work, but if I drank enough I didn't care. now, all of a sudden, over the last six months at the age of 67, I have put on weight like gangbusters. I am up to 147 pounds and I hate it. Most of it is around my middle, a friend of mine told me it is just "baby belly". I don't care whose belly it is, I don't want it! I know nothing about dieting and was so happy to see that Erica posted a calorie site that I can refer to. The main reason I wrote this is to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Although I would never have the guts to wear a bikini any more at my age, neither will I feel as though I need maternity tops. You are in my will Erica.

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I found calorie balance diet does the same things as calorie king ,but a good deal cheaper. I have lost 15 pounds now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calorie Balance Diet

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Calorie King is not something you have to pay for. It has LOTS of FREE tips and a FREE online calorie count for most any food you want to look up.

Please don't confuse the issue by posting a Pay Only service. Advertising is not allowed on this forum and that website may be construed as such even it if wasn't meant to be by you.

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I am sorry. didnt mean to sound like spam. I meant the desktop thing. I was just estatic about the weight loss and I udnerstand that there is a number of these diet journals out there. they work well for me. If it looks too much like spam we can take it down.

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besides, the website is free, so I don't think i really committeed the original sin of forums spamming!

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I know you didn't. I didn't mean to sound like the "forum police" either. Just that you have to be careful here. Ivillage is almost as picky as Spike used to be some ways. I was just trying to give you a friendly heads-up. Hard to do sometimes on the net. I personally don't see any harm in the link.

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no problem. more embarassed than anything. a diet is like a new religiom, once i find one that works, i need to share it with everyone else!

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That's a great site. I used to go to P.F.Chang's and can't believe the chicken salad is 1040 calories, wow! I work at the Airport and get Buritto Beach, minus the shell a lot, but that wasn't listed. Too bad.

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1040 calories, amazing. I always try to eat healthy and get the salads. What are you supposed to eat then?

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