Grain/pellet stove in bedroom?

jayneesFebruary 13, 2006

My husband and I, now having pretty much come up with our final floorplan (see other thread), are now trying to come up with the specs for the eventual construction bidding. We are planning on going with a two-zone heating/cooling system but would like THAT to be the "backup" source specifically for winter heat to minimize the use of natural gas. We are planning on putting in a 40-50,000 BTU grain/pellet stove in the great room - we've been told that's enough to heat aboout 1,500 sq ft. So we know our first floor would pretty much be covered by that grain stove.

I mentioned to my DH the idea of installing another grain stove on the second floor, in the master bedroom, which could then be vented to the other two bedrooms and home theater to provide ample heating throughout the upstairs as needed. He said he recalls reading online that pellet stoves should not/could not be installed in bedrooms. He can't find the website that made that statement, so I thought I'd ask here...

Can grain/pellet stoves be installed in a second floor bedroom?

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Codes vary a great deal from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so it's hard to tell what they may be in your (usually municipal) area.

These heating systems have become better known in recent years, but a few years ago they were rather new and a number of areas didn't quite know how to deal with them.

Some went the route of wood-fired stoves, which are somewhat riskier, but this type of heater is better known now.

Insurance companies love them, for they don't produce creosote, so there are no chimney fires.

I'm inclined to doubt whether you'll face a restriction on having one in your bedroom.

But I question the wisdom.

I keep heat lower in the kitchen, for I'm usually moving, there, but warmer in the living room for reading, watching TV, etc. , or in the area where I'm sitting at my desk, computer, etc.

Most of us like to sleep in a bedroom that's somewhat cooler than the rest of the house, but have higher levels of warmth in areas where we operate while awake.

As most folks' bedrooms aren't the size of a maharajah's, I'm thinking that they might have a hard time finding a stove small enough to avoid developing so much heat that it'd drive them out of the bedroom - unless you have good circulation. But most of us like to sleep with the bedroom door shut.

Ask the guys at (maybe without the underline).

They told me around Christmas that they were 20 weeks behind in production.

I'm sure that you'll like your grain-fired heater.

Before you buy, make sure that you know what fuels it's licensed to burn.

I sold one brand about 15 years ago.

ole joyful

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thanks for the info, ole joyful.

The one we're looking at burns both corn/wheat and wood pellets, although we'll pretty much stick with corn.

I agree about people keeping bedroom doors shut, but that's why we'd having venting to the other three rooms on the second floor. But you are probably right that it would be overkill.

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