Can you recommend some good foods by brand?

ericasjMay 30, 2004

Anybody care to exchange suggestions for best (or worst) "diet" foods? Low carb, low fat, or just low calorie--whatever is working (or not) for you.

For example, I'm looking to try sugar free, low-calorie pancake syrup, and the cheapest one I saw today was $3.49. Before I throw money away on a really awful product--can anyone recommend a good one? (BTW, I'm spoiled, used to genuine 100% maple syrup.)

For my part, I can recommend Land O Lakes fat-free half and half.


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Hi Erica,

I can't help you out on the syrup, but I think one of the best "diet" foods are the sugar-free jello and puddings. They seem to taste just as good as the fully loaded varieties.


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Eggo lite syrup is the one I like the best. It's low sugar not sugar free, about 25 calories a tablespoon. I like real Maple syrup too. A little goes a long way so sometimes I indulge myself.

We don't by anything with the word "free" in it except for soft drinks and jello. We do use "lite" cream cheese (Kraft Philadelphia), lite mayo (Best Food's or Hellman's) and "Light Done Right" salad dressings (Kraft). Favorite spread is light "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter".

Something a lot of people don't know about milk....1% is actually "creamier" than 2%. It has something to do with more milk solids. My family will not drink 2% or skim but have no complaints about the 1%.

Let's see, Stouffer's Lean Cuisine is the only frozen "diet" dinner food I can taste. I have no idea why WW food is so bland.

Everything else is regular stuff is this house. I eat real bread, butter and ice cream. We use a regular popcorn popper (I skimp a bit on the oil).

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Sugar free syrups - if you want to flavour your coffee, pancakes etc. See link below. Got it from the site.

(gonna have to order some for my latte machine!)

Here is a link that might be useful: sugar free syrups

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I've had good luck with any of the "Healthy Choice" brand. All seem to have good flavor and not real expensive.

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I lose weight exercising, cutting portions and not eating too many sweets and snacks, and I agree with Wildchild about the "free" stuff. I do try hard to eat the "superfoods" and three glasses of milk or equivalent dairy a day.


They lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, stabilize blood sugar, reduce obesity, lessen cancer risk, and relieve hypertension.
--Eat four 1/2-cup servings a week. Don't like beans? Substitute green beans, sugar snap peas, green peas, or chick peas instead.

They lower the risk of heart disease and cancer and help maintain youthful, healthy skin.
--Eat 1 to 2 cups a day. When they aren't in season, eat cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants, and purple grapes.

It boosts your immune system, reduces the incidence of cataracts, builds bones, and fights birth defects and heart disease.
--Eat 1/2 to 1 cup a day. Can't stand broccoli? Eat brussels sprouts, red and green cabbage, cauliflower, bok choy, and kale.

Oats lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and are high in fiber and protein.
--Eat five to seven servings a week. Don't want it that often? Try wheat germ, brown rice, barley, wheat, buckwheat, rye, millet, and quinoa.

They support heart health while preventing cancer, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic ailments.
--Eat one a day. Want more variety? Try lemons, grapefruit, kumquats, tangerines, or limes.

It's not just for pie. Pumpkin lowers the risk of various cancers, while it promotes youthful, healthy skin.
--Eat 1/2 cup a day. Want an alternative? Try carrots, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and orange bell peppers.

It prevents heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis, as well as relieves menopausal and menstrual symptoms.
--Eat at least 15 grams daily. Don't like soy? Try tofu, soymilk, soy nuts, edamame, or miso.

Popeye was on to something! Spinach lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a variety of cancers, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts.
--Eat 1 cup of steamed spinach or 2 cups of raw spinach a day. Don't like it? Then eat kale, collards, Swiss chard, bok choy, romaine lettuce, mustard, or turnip greens.

Tea (Black or green)
Besides soothing the soul, tea boosts the immune system, helps prevent cancer and osteoporosis, lowers stroke risk, and promotes cardiovascular health.
--Drink at least one cup a day.

They lower cancer risk, increase your skin's sun-protection factor, and play a role in preventing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
--Eat one tomato a day. Don't like them? Try watermelon, persimmons, or pink grapefruit instead.

Turkey (skinless breast)
It's not just for Thanksgiving. Turkey is not only the perfect healthy low-fat protein, but also builds a strong immune system.
--Eat three or four 3-ounce servings a week. Want something else? Skinless chicken breast is a great alternative.

How nutty is this? Walnuts reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
--Eat 1 ounce five times a week. Other options include almonds, pistachios, sesame seeds, peanuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and cashews.

Wild salmon
It lowers risk of heart disease and cancer.
--Eat it two to four times a week. Don't like salmon? Go for Alaskan halibut, canned albacore tuna, sardines, herring, trout, sea bass, or clams.

In addition to being a great source of protein and calcium, yogurt promotes strong bones and a healthy heart.
--Eat 2 cups a day. Want something else? Try kefir.

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Wow Joann - thanks for that list!
I use the "free" salad dressings, mayo and squeeze margerine. Depends on what diet you are on but I find there are a lot of calories in the regular stuff and I watch the cholesterol too (my "good" is too low so my "bad" needs to be lower than most folks).
The margerine I use is Smart Squeeze from Smart Beat. There is only 5 calories per tablespoon compared to the solid Smart Balance spread (here for hubby) that has 80 per tablespoon. When I find it I usually buy 2 because some stores do not carry it.
The ff ranch salad dressing is cheaper at the Dollar General stores. 99 cents here.
I like Kashi cereals but the GoLean has more calories than the others - go figure.
WW frozen meals are too spicy - agree with the Stouffers/ Healthy Choice being better ones. WW lasagna is good though. I buy regular jam/jelly though - don't use too much and the sf stuff is too pricey.
WW bagels are good - and under 200 calories. One of our Food Lions carrys them but they are hard to find because they sell out fast. Mom ordered 10 of them from the store and froze them.

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Kathy, is there a website which would tell me where I can find WW bagels and english muffins? I purchased the "lite" muffins (1 point each) from my Stop & Shop here in 'Jersey, but I've never seen WW bagels.


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Lo Carb ......... DELICIOUS THINGS !!!!!

Natural Ovens Bread and bagels
Dreamfields pasta
Hood 'Carb Countdown' milk & yogurt
Russel Stover candy
All the Low carb Ice cream
Carb Soultions candy bars

So many more are coming out ... I'll keep trying them and seeing what's good !

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Dee the bagels are hard to find. I still have one in the freezer in the bag so will see who bakes them. They should be able to tell you who would have them in your area. The salesman said they were overwhelmed with the demand for them. OK I found the pack - 1 bagel is 3 points/190 calories. They were produced for WW by LLC (CBC CONN. Lic. NO. 5698) - gee that tells you a lot doesn't it? They also have - according to the label WW English Muffins, rolls, Italian, rye, wheat and white bread.

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DeeMarie - I don't know where you live in NJ--I'm in the South. I've seen them at my Super G, on a separate rack standing in front of where the other packaged bagels are in the bread aisle. They are mixed in with other brands, so you have to look carefully.

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Thanks Erica & Kathy!

Erica, I'm in northeast Jersey, about 20 miles west of midtown NYC. We don't have Super G, but my sister lives in Burlington County, so perhaps I'll have a look by her when I visit.

I think I would solve lots of my problems if I remembered to bring my slide with me when I grocery shop. That way, I can find out the Weight Watcher points-per-serving of "diet" foods!

Have a great weekend!

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Not really a food but Wylers has a good drink mix. It is in a canister like Crystal Light which is also good but cost a little more per envelope. 5 calories per 8 oz. cup. I like the fruity flavors but the green tea is a little weird - does not want to dissolve. Kathy

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Finally found the Crystal Light Sunrise orange drink last week. It is good, but a little sweet for my taste, I like it made very weak.

Really prefer the Raspberry Lemonade flavor. A friend said she knows someone that can get it by the case, which is cheaper. We may go in together and get a case of it. Don't get me wrong, I don't drink it like water. One little tub made up can last me several days. I used to be totally against all diet beverages and didn't like the aftertaste they left in my mouth. But I've found I can tolerate the CL made very weak and it is a nice change from plain water.

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I like Crystal Light, too -- not only does it get extra water in me (which I don't drink enough of), but will sometimes satisfy a sweet craving. I've been buying the new orange one and, like you, I also water it down and it lasts me about 4 days. I like the lemonade, but haven't tried the raspberry lemonade -- I'll look for it the next time I go to the store -- thanks for calling it to my attention.


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Dee, here in Central NJ, all of the WW breads can be found at Shoprite and Pathmark -- good luck, those bagels are decent for the point value!

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Well our source for the bagels disappeared - haven't seen them in the store for weeks. I bought the Lenders - a few more calories and not as much fiber but they are filling with a big glass of something.Have you seen the individual Crystal Light packets close to the checkout of the grocery store? They are to add to a bottle of water - how clever. Kathy

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