So Much Magnavox Problems - Does this include LCD?

winker58July 22, 2007

I want to purchase an LCD 26" television and am wonderdering wha to look for and what brands are considered most reputabl.

I see so much negative on Phillips (is Phillips the same as Magnavox?) and am wondering if that includes LCD or older tube televisions.

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My first Magnavox LCD quit in about 20 seconds after first plugging it in. The salesman told me this happened often. I got another because he was sold out of everything except Magnavox at the time. Sold out of everything else should have been a clue.

My second Magnavox, the replacement has had to be unplugged once to get it to power on.

I have heard for years that Phillips and Magnavox are the same.

I would not get another.

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