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Pooh BearJuly 16, 2008

I sent this email to Russ Camp, the IT guy for our local phone co-op.

Our local phone co-op is switching over to Triple Play.


Hi Russ,

I stopped in at the Dunlap office and they referred me to you.

I hear that a PVR that works with the new cable system is coming.

Currently I have the old cable system and a TiVo box.

I have some questions about the PVR.

Currently my TiVo box is a dual tuner model.

I really need the ability to record two shows at the same time.

Will the PVR have this ability.

My TiVo box lets me setup automatic recording of our favorite shows.

I tell it I want to record channel 3 news every day at 5pm and it does it.

Will The PVR have this ability.

My TiVo box lets me start recording a minute early and stop a minute late.

This is very helpful for when shows don't exactly match the clock.

It is frustrating to get near to the end of a show only for it to:

"and the killer is....." [End of Recording. Delete?]

Being able to tell it to add extra time has been very helpful.

Will the PVR have this ability.

My TiVo box is networked to my computer.

This allows me to use my computer for extra storage of shows.

Will the PVR have this ability.

My TiVo box contract runs out in two months.

Since the old cable system is being taken out of service

and my TiVo box won't work with the new cable service

then I won't be renewing my TiVo contract.

My options thus are: BTC PVR, Direct TV, or Dish Network.

I need to find out which one comes the closest to our current TV viewing needs.

I was unhappy to hear that TiVo doesn't work with the new system.

I really do wish a solution could be found for that.

Thanks for the info you can provide.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Pooh Bear

[contact info deleted]


Does anyone here know how well either Dish Network or

Direct TV would measure up to my needs.

I'm still waiting to hear from Russ.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Pooh Bear

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Direct's DVR can do what you want, but as a recent Dish customer who switched to Direct, I can't recommend it. I like Directs programming better, but Dish had a much better picture, especially SD.

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If you are a sports fan that no longer lives near your favorite Baseball or football teams city, DirecTV has an exclusive on every football and most every baseball game that isn't nationally broadcast. Plus even the baseball, besides the football is now available in HD.

I would think there was some glitch in installation if SD quality was better in DISH than Directv. It would make more sense if there might be a difference in HD quality, as it takes up far more bandwidth. I've had both systems and the only thing I liked better about DISH was their superior PVR. I hear DirecTv is making a new one so maybe they will be comparable. Too bad both companies are so greedy that won't let TIVO into their market anymore. MY SD Sony SAT-60 TIVO still kicks butt in usability over any other.


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Pooh Bear

I don't watch any sports.

I had Dish Network about 2 years ago.
I was happy with it except for it cutting off the last
10 to 20 seconds of some shows we liked to watch.
And now that we have dual tuner we really like it.
And I like being able to transfer shows to my computer.

I'm looking at something I got in the mail from Dish Network.
It says 4 rooms with a VIP722 HD DVR.
I have no interest in HD at this time.
Offer ends tomorrow. I may go see the local installer.

I need to make a decision on this.

Pooh Bear

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I got Direct TV as part of a package with phone, internet & tv.

Although I don't have a problem with the service I have a big problem with the bill. I was told the package I picked cost 59 dollars per month. Since I have had it (4months) my cheapest bill has been 89 dollars. This month it was slightly over 100 dollars. There is no itemizing on the bill to show why it is higher than expected. Calling them for an explanation is a nightmare. And only once have I ordered a four dollar movie, so go figure?

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You have to register first, but you can go to the Directv web site and look at your account and see what you're paying for and how much it costs.
Click on My Setup at the top.
After you've signed in, it will show you what package you're paying for, what services and extras you have and are paying for, and what rooms your receivers are in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Directv

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