Urine smell on a large rug (not carpet)

mazeladySeptember 16, 2008

I've read posts on removing the urine smell from carpet and understand that as long as the pad and underboard can't be cleaned, the smell will always be there to some degree.

But I have a 9x12 rug bought from Lowes that my small dog has peed on repeatedly. I have treated it with a variety of products including Natures Miracle and it still smells bad. I put the rug on a tarp, poured the liquid on the rug, covered it with a plastic drop cloth for 3 days and then let it air dry. Still smells bad.

Can I take it outside and just wet it down and wash it with carpet cleaner detergent and rinse it? (it's not wool) Can anybody share anything that has helped?

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that's what we always did when the pupy would pee on a rug, just take it outside and hose it down real good, then hang it up to dry for a few hours. we never even used any cleaners, just straight water. you can use Oxyclean or something similar if you want, mix it up and pour it on. but test it first JUST in case it tries to remove some of the color!

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Can't hurt, might help.

Did you clean up the area under the area rug? That might be part of the problem too.

You can use a black light to ID missed spots of pee. Works best at night of course.

I find that Nature's Miracle isn't all that Miraculous. We've had really good luck with Odo Ban from Sams club.

Good Luck getting the smell out!

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