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mzmintMay 31, 2005

I picked up a whole packet for weight watchers at a garage sale, incl all the books. In there was a coupon or code number for weight watchers so I went on line to sign up, it then said the code was for e-watchers or (similiar) so I went ahead and signed up for three months online help. I am not sure if I was to be a member before or if it matters. Somewhat confused since I know nothing but it looks like my points goal for each day is 22 points. With extras for the week? Sound right? Would 22 points a day be in my category based on the following info.. I said I was 5'4" and 165 lbs and someplace I found the 22 points show up and extras to use sometime.

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Sounds like you are an Online ETools member. Weight range 150-174# has a target point of 22 points per day with 35 extra points (Flex Points)a week to use through the week if you need them. I find I use some of my Flex Points each week--especially handy when eating out.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!!


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