spikeFebruary 13, 2004

I'm looking for a way to harness the energy I expend screaming at computers, preferably in away that would automatically shovel snow... ;-)

Have fun!!


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Move to South Texas, Spike! Then you won't have to worry about shoveling snow.

I know nothing about renewable energy. But I will be checking in here to see what I can learn.

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I too am a big supporter of wind pv power. Glad to see a forum on this here. Am building a log home in 2/3yrs and will be installing solar heat gain/ powered with a hybrid system of wind and sun. Ontario Canada is half and half for small residential uses.


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Very Cool!!

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Hi Moldy,

What do you mean that Ontario is half and half for small residential uses?

My friend, who bought a wooded plot for his home, refused to have Ontario Hydro cut a swath through his trees to install a powerline.

So bought a 4kw generator - later thumped by lightning, so he replaced it with a 5kw one, producing 110v. and 220v. AC power.

Later he bought a larger, diesel powered generator - but hasn't got it ready to use yet.

Inverter and large bank of batteries allowed him to store the energy at 24 volts (I think) and to change it to 110v. AC again for use in his home. Electric fridge.

Propane for furnace, water heater, kitchen stove.

About 15 mi. E. of Lake Huron, with substantial and reasonably steady windflow, later he installed wind generator about 70' in air - above his trees.

He's been happy with the system.

Not crying in his beer in recent times, like the rest of us.

joyful guy

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Ya, I'm looking forward to discussions on this forum too, except my idea of acceptable renewable energy shouldn't include such poisonous stuff as lead, acid, or semiconductors (photovoltaics) as the latter contains arsenic among other nasty things.

Wind power is more up my alley, where the energy is stored not in batteries but in a conversion process to a hydrogen fuel.

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Hi Spike,

We've never exchanged posts nor have I checked your page to see where you live - until now.

I like the snow.... as long as there isn't too much of it. I've got a snow thrower though.. if it gets too bad.

Nice to exchange a few words with you Spike.

Good luck!

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Looking forward to reading and learning.
Stop screaming Spike!
Move to La. where its wet all winter and trade
your snow boots for rain boots.

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My son hits our computer desk with his fist so often and "expresses" himself in frustration, I've often thought how useful his (teen 16) fist-banging would be at cracking assorted Nuts!

At least he'd have some benefit of shelled nuts as snacks for all the effort he exerts - but then, I'd be vacuming the keyboard endlessly - so haven't bothered to share!

Eileen :-)

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Thank you for adding this forum on. I am really interested in natural energy and how to harvest it. I'm ready to learn!

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Hi again, all.

Just wondering - has anyone figured a way to harvest the hot air that flies around here?

During a recent phone-in program on renewable energy subject in this area, near the Great Lakes, so not in high heat area, one person said that our peak usage of power is in summer, air conditioning season and in winter for heating - but that those who recommend using wind energy haven't given heavy consideration to the fact that our main wind seasons are spring and fall.

Just a thought.

I, too, thank you for adding this forum, Spike - it is something to which we need give considerable thought in the coming months and years.

ole joyful

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Before anyone thinks about building a tower in their backyard, and attaching a propeller to it to make electricity, they had better check their insurance policy.

The insurance companies don't want to pay for towers falling on neighbors houses or your own for that matter. Or for kids climbing up and falling off, or for some old geezer walking into it on the way to the outhouse. Like our joyful friend says the wind doesn't always blow at the right time and reading by candlelight went out with Abe Lincoln. By the way, if they hadn't invented electricity we would be watching TV by candlelight---did you ever think of that.

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