Sandbag ???

kellywaneSeptember 1, 2008

Hi everyone here's Kelly so we know that growing plants in wet, poorly drained soil can be quite difficult, very heavy rainfall followed by flooding can kill woody and herbaceous plants.

The question is often raised, "How long can my plants tolerate their roots being submerged and how can I prevent my plants from flood?

I have head about a product and I want to know if that can be the solution and if someone could tell me more about it.


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Those sandbags are meant for one time emergency use in actual floods, not for keeping normally planted things from root rot. Your plants should be in well drained soil to begin with, so even if there is an actual flood, they have a better chance of survival. Were you seriously thinking of digging trenches near your plants to put sandbags in? Won't work - the ground is saturated from below to a great extent anyway, apart from the area immediately above a given plant, so there really isn't a lot you can do unfortunately.

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How long your plants can withstand being under water depends entirely on the variety of plants. Some can withstand better than others.

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