Solar in NJ - Who has done it?

alisonnFebruary 26, 2011

The house we are buying has electric heat. I'm exploring other options. Around here, people would most likely install an oil heat system, but with the price of oil what it is....

So, I keep hearing about energy credits for solar in NJ. I was wondering how that is working out for people. I'm also thinking of not going solar-crazy--I'm thinking of spending no more (taking rebates into account) than it would cost to install oil heat--in other words, cutting down on my electric bill, as opposed to going completely off the grid.

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I'm buying a house in Jersey and I'd like to know too. I'm interested. I see panels all over the place in south Jersey but I heard the cost is sky high.

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Costs are coming down dramatically but these systems are rarely used as the sole fuel source for heating. While its entirely possible to largely supplement a new homes heating with solar, existing homes are just too inefficient(drafty and poorly insulated).

I would recommend weatherization and checking out the DSIRE site for incentives available in your area. If the "electric" heat is in the form of a heat pump, I probably wouldnt change or add infrastructure but there are many variables to consider.

Here is a link that might be useful: renewable incentives website DSIRE

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