Vertical siding warping?

slarsSeptember 13, 2010

Anyone had this problem. The siding on both sides of the front of my 2 car garage is buckling inward. The front ends of my garage are approximately 3' wide. This is an attached garage on a tri-level home. There is a 3' high brick veneer exterior and the brick is staying put. Luckly the brick has a good footing and is solid but the wood siding is pulling inward away from the back of the brick. There is probably a 3" gap between the brick and the wood siding at a point closest the garage opening. The corner of the walls are ok but as you get closer to the garage door the wood looks warped. Making matter worse it looks like the entire wall is moving, interior studs and all. The house was built in the early '70s and I've lived there 22 years. I began to see a gap between the siding and the brick about 10 years ago and started caulking the gap between the two. The siding does have flashing installed above the brick. The gap got so big about 6 years ago that caulk no longer kept the weather out so I used foam insulation to fill the gap. I had a contractor look at it and he didn't have an idea. Said he had to tear into it before he knew what it might cost.

Help..... I'd like to have an idea before I turn a contractor loose.

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Just a guess...The sun bakes and roasts the brick which in turn super dries the siding, causing it to twist and shrink. But , does the siding run clear to the foundation ?
Try a different contractor, he should at least give a ballpark estimate.
This is interesting.
Maybe try metal siding as a cover up.

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If it looks like the whole wall is moving, your problem is much bigger - in that case it is not that the siding is warping, it is being pulled. Perhaps the building foundation is sinking on one side. In any case, find a different contractor for a second opinion.

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Thanks for the replies. The whole wall is moving but the foundation is staying in place. I know that because I can see the wall has actually moved inward and no longer sits directly on top of the block foundation. It's as if the wall wasn't attached to the foundation. I still don't understand why the wall has waited 30 years to move. Something is causing it to move. The only thing different is that the driveway and garage floor were replaced about 7 years ago. However, 7 years ago was after the time when I noticed the wall seperating from the brick. I'm going to take the drywall down on the inside of the garage and see if I can determine just what is happening.

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