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joe_mnJune 26, 2011

new camera has 720p video. play back on tv. or transfer file to computer and watch it on monitor. i have dvd burner in computer so i can make 480 dvd? or get a bluray burner for computer? so saved files on computer are 720. i see a lot of ads saying how great the video is. but not much talk of how to save files. camera has hd card of course. just leave content on card and play it back on hd tv?

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If the television has a USB connector or media card reader slot, just plug it in. If it is a compatible file format, it will play back.

If not, use a DVD or Blu-Ray authoring program to produce a video format DVD or Blu-Ray Disc on a computer that will playback on a DVD or Blu-Ray player connected to the television.

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tv does have sd card slot. and usb. wife lost camera usb cable though. video file is mpeg4. have many older 8mm video tapes that i put on dvd.

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