Dampness under plastic mats?

CynaSeptember 20, 2002

Was wondering if anybody had this problem. I live in a small townhome. I have plastic mats under my two computer chairs in my living room. When I lift up the plastic mats the carpet under it feels really damp and when I put my nose to it it smells like mildew. and I haven't spilled anything on the carpet.

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if this is a basement unit, it might be damp from ground water. concrete is porous and naturally occuring water from rain, snow etc may seep through the concrete.

it might also be damp from humidity...the plastic may have trapped in moisture from humidity in the air...

or maybe something spilled and got trapped under the plastic?

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I think heather has it--CONDENSATION. I don't have a fix for this-- does anyone? Melanie

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Removing the mat would solve it I do think; that is if it is a condensation issue. I agree that would be a logical assessment if we knew that this was in fact a concrete slab (or basement floor)upon which the carpet was laid. I have a desk chair on wheels and I don't use a mat. No problem to me. I vacuum out the dents from the wheels.

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There are mats that don't have little feet like things so that thee is a bit of airspace for hte carpet to breathe--I'm not explaining this very well, but if you go to Staples or Office Max and look at the mats, you will see what I mean. DH has a pasement office, with industrial carpeting, on a slab--one of these mats--NO MOLD OR CONDENSATE.

Good luck! Melanie

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