My daughters freak home accident.

grdnchikSeptember 10, 2002

Yesterday Sunday, my daughter was in the garage with her rollerblades on and she accidently triped on to her fathers wooded work bench. She hit the corner of the very sharp table and lacerated her lower eyelid she complety wiped out her tearduct. She is doing a much better know but since she damaged her tearduct she is going to have reconstructive surgery to reconfigure it .She will be seen by an optomolagist(sp)tomorrow. I'm sure this is going to be a pricey ordeal but we must take care of it. I need advise on making a homeowner insurance claim or not. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Thanks a bunch

Garden Chick

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Not sure about if they will pay for an accident of that sort, but it's worth asking. The worse they can say is no, which I have a feeling they might. I hope your daughter is better soon- I totally feel for you. Mine was practicing gymnastics in her room one day and fell off her bed, slamming her forehead into a huge ceramic piggy bank that was beside her bed on the floor. Nothing more alarming than seeing your baby with blood on her face and not being totally sure if they're ok or not....I almost had a heart attack and cried as much as she did. Good luck with everything.

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Depending on your policy the only coverages I can see that you may be considering are the guest medical coverages. They are just that, for guest. Personal liablility covers your liability if someone is hurt, (other than a family member)and comes after you for damages ie, dog bite, slipping on step/ice, falling into a hole the dog has dug etc. Please ask around before you submit a claim, it would be considered an incident and some companies could have a problem with that. Do you have medical insurance? If so, that's what I would use. That's my 2 cents worth.

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I agree with TwoAcres. Check with your agent before even calling your insurance claims office. Any claims against your homeowners policy could result in an increase of rates or risk of cancellation. I think you might be better off filing under your medical coverage.

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That's the double edged sword. We take out homeowner's insurance for incidents like these. But when we file a claim, they can cancel the policy!

Seems they forget that its our money they get every month.

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This post is 9 years old. I sure hope the issue has been resolved by now.

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