icecreamgrannyFebruary 18, 2004

I have a year around creek and at this time get my water for the home and garden from there. I am attempting to come up with a plan to set up a cistern and the possibility of using water to generate some power. I am in the PNW and hope to place some solar panels but know it would not cover my needs by itself. The goal is to eventually be completely off-line. If you know of any great websites about water power or have set up any of these systems would love to hear from you. Judy

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Some of the below links may help you.


Scroll to bottom of page and click on Alt-E University




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When I was young, my uncle had a hydraulic ram in a small stream going through a wooded area on their farm, several hundred feet from their home, that pushed water up to their house and barn. I don't know how the water was stored - possibly in a low pressure system, as I think that they had water on tap. About three hundred feet away, we used to hear every few minutes the sort of a thump sound when the ram cycled.

If you plan to use the water in the stream to generate power, I think that you'll need a dam to gain some height, so that the power in the falling water will force the vanes on the turbine to turn, for generators develop substantial resistance as they produce the power.

joyful guy

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Pooh Bear

We have the Sequatchie River on one border of our property.
It is more like a big creek.
It has some places with fast current.
I was thinking of building a water wheel and floating it
on some pontoons made of 4inch PVC pipe.
It could power a pump to pump water up to my house
to use in a garden or to run a yard fountain.
I suppose this method could also be used with a small generator.
It is something to dream about doing.

Pooh Bear

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Try Contacting your state department of energy. They can give you some directions to look. Be forewarned though, generating power from streams is probably not legal- it could harm the wildlife using the watershed.

If you are in Oregon, the Energy Trust of Oregon has great incentives for solar, and wind power instalations.

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