Panasonic Travelvision portable TV questions

SnailLoverJune 21, 2014

I'm going to ask some really dumb questions. My grandma gave me the above sometime in the 80s. It's been packed away for years and I forgot I had it. I uncovered it this weekend and tried it out. Still works good, the radio has good sound quality. I could only tune in one TV station and it wasn't very clear. Is this because cable switched from analog to digital? If so, why would I still get the one station? Is there a device that would enable me to pull in these stations?

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If you don't have cable, a Digital-to-Analog TV Converter and a decent antenna with a good location.

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Thanks Randy. I do have cable. Do you mean I can somehow hook up the TV to my cable? I'm more curious than anything. It's only a 1" TV screen and in B&W, but I just thought it would be fun for novelty's sake. I could set it next to my computer when I'm working. Back in the day I could get several channels on it.

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A converter box from your cable provider should give you full channel selection. You'll also need a short length of coax, and perhaps a coax-to-300 ohm adapter if the tv does not have a coax connection.

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