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trekarenMay 1, 2009

What is on your mind as you go through the journey to healthy lifestyle?

My Anchor this week that has helped is visualization.

Today I am visualizing myself in jeans with a shirt actually tucked in!!!!!

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LOL! I tucked my shirt in to dress slacks yesterday and actually felt ok about it. It was such a big deal to me! I can see how that would be a visualization anchor.

Mine is me in a bathing suit without 'saddlebags'. But the big one is just me fitting into my old clothes. I imagine being able to wear them, and each new piece I fit into makes me that much more inspired. Found a pinstripe skirt in my closet last night that I haven't worn in 2 years, and it fit!!! A little tight on the tummy, so I won't be wearing it quite yet, but I could if I wanted to.

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Wearing a nicely shaped dress with minor bulges I can live with...jeans without the waistline roll....

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I'm thinking this is a great way to do it.

My friend quit smoking by putting up a picture of that news anchor that died from lung cancer. She is 2 years without a cigarette but has to keep the photo there to remind her not to backslide.

It's so easy to say, "one little cheat is ok; after all it's been a tough week".

mcpeg, I really have to get CONTROL of my Muffintop! I actually wear too tight pants many days to work because seeing it there over the edge of my pants is another good anchor.

:-) Anchors Aweigh!!!!

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Negative reinforcement - it's a wonderful thing. I picture myself on the operating table, having a triple bypass. Or, maybe having a toe or foot amputated due to diabetes.

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yeash Harold.

Pass the muffin(top) please!

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I'm the queen of justifying my off-program moments.
I have to gain control - hopefully we'll get there together!

I am also striking while the iron is hot because several of my coworkers are trying to regain healthy weight also, and doing it very successfully. So we are helping each other.

But more imporatantly I want to catch up with them, and this 'peer pressure' is also helping me stay on track most of the time.

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Sorry about that, Silver. Some of us just need a cold harsh dose of reality. The muffin top just didn't deter me that much. By the way, I toned it down a bit from what I originally wrote.:)

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Harold, that's what has kept my SIL on track, and it may seem morbid but for her it really has worked.

I think 50% (or more) of this battle toward healthy lifestyle is our battle against ourselves :-) at least for me it is.

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Well I have already been on the table having a by-pass and I am here to tell you all, it is NOT a good place to be in. But considering the alternative, things could have gone horribly worse.

I envision going to my cardiologist and seeing his eyes light up because I have dropped the weight that was such a danger to my health and was of such concern for him that he ordered an arteriogram done as he felt certain I might need a defibulator implant. But because I have decided to take matters into my own hands and do the right thing and not fool around with my health any longer (look where my mistakes landed me !) and am now on the road to a healthier me. My cholesterol is sitting right on 140 and my bp is coming down, so much so that my bp meds are being adjused regularly and may possibly even be eliminated if I can get my weight down, health back and yes, get my 30 year old body back. (yesm, complete with 60+ year old wrinkles that I have duly earned !!)
I am already back to wearing skirts and cute tops and high heel shoes. I am done with the dumpy matronly look. Just the other day, I got my first "wolf whistle" in years, and my husband just grinned like a possum suckin on sour grapes.

So now I have this wonderful pair of Ivory Tommy Bahama silk slacks that fit like a glove that I can get into, but they are a bit snug for me, but in just about 10 more pounds should hang beautifully and smoothly over my hips. To wear them on my birthday in July is my vision. Black silk top, black strappy heels and I am off to celebrate.


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OK, my doctor changed my medical appointment and pushed it out to June 1, so I am going to visualize the guide on the scale sliding to the left when the nurse weighs me. That will eliminate the humilation of explaining why it remained the same or more than my appointment in February!

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Helen, My birthday is in July too! I would love to have 10 or more pounds gone before then. Gotta work harder and see how far I can get between now and then.

My reason to stick it out is: those scary chest pains I had Sunday before last. That woke me up and got me out of denial really quick.
I even managed to resist when I indulged my pregnant daughter in her craving for a cherry sundae with chocolate ice cream and wet walnuts.

Great thread Trekaren.

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What do you know. My birthday is also in July. I don't generally have a party though, but I'm looking forward to the family reunion in August. By then I should be at least 60 or 70 pounds lighter than the last time I saw a lot of those folks.

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We July babies should have a party !! Sugar free goodies all over the place. lol

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You guys are inspiring! I definitely can't wait to zip jeans with a t-shirt tucked in!

And then I can go shopping in my own closet!

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Great thread - I love the power of visualization. When I take long walks I visualize a thinner healthier me walking towards me. I had to laugh about tucking in the shirt. Yesterday I bought a new outfit that will look great with the top tucked in, as the top of the slacks is decorative and it is the first time I tucked in ages when I tried it on.

When I am working out at the gym and the exercise is very hard. I visualize my muscles working and the exercise seems to get easier.

The mind is a mighty thing.

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I know my muscles are working, I just focus on the muscle I am using and actually can see it contracting, etc.

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My visualization helps when I get cravings, or want to nosh or reach for a glass of wine at the end of a hard day.

I also plan to print the photo of me that my FB friends posted recently, and put it on the fridge.

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