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gardenlover25May 27, 2009

Losing weight needs a lot discipline and perseverance. I was once experience how to be teased because of my weight. That is why I decided to enroll in a fitness program. But I asked first my health care provider before I enter into it. Thanks.

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I count calories. Every bite that goes into my mouth, I count. I use this website called My Calorie Counter to keep track. It's easy and free, but there are a lot of others out there. And I get as much exercise as I can. Park further away at the grocery store, walk up and down stairs, concentrate on holding in my abs when I sweep the floor.

There are also two weekly threads on this board. Feel free to join in on either one of them or on both. It helps keep me on track by talking things out with other like minded people.

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Hello gardenlover. I agree that it does take perseverence and lots and lots of discipline. I have tried many of the more popular diet programs out there and did well, but none were permanent for the long haul.
This time I decided that common sense had to rule. Now it is about eating healthy meals. And I learned that I have to work out on a regular basis. It does not have to be anything high tech, just a bit of weight training and just plain moving my body.

Good luck to you on your new adventure in getting healthy.
I do hope you will come back and share your ideas and issues with us.


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Hi Helen,

Base on my experience diet programs really works if the willingness of person to lose weight is there. I also tried so many exercise and other weight lost programs to reduce my excess weight but nothing happened. Not until I obliged myself to be disciplined and more eager to achieve my goal. Imagine when I was single I use to weigh 96 lbs and I am so slim before. But when I became a housewife I cook different kinds of dishes that my husband loves and before I know it from a waist of 24 it became 36 and I can't believe it when I saw myself in a video that I walk like a pinguin because I'm too big. It was the start of my perseverance to lose weight.


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