Video Surveillance configuration questions

Backyard_vacationJune 17, 2014

I need to get a video surveillance system because our house has been vandalized at night. I have gotten 4 estimates and 4 totally different approaches. Does anyone have experience with the various types of cameras (HD vs IP), how many megapixels are enough for identification, what area is covered by different camera focal lengths, bullet vs dome cameras, etc. I was able to install a pretty elaborate home automation system and a new security system which are now integrated together but the video surveillance has me stumped. Thank you.

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I am not that into security cameras, however I do deal with them alot with my job... So as for the technical aspect I cannot give any advice.. Just a quick little bit of advice.. Do not make the same mistake that many people do and mount the cameras extremely high... This is a common mistake and the most frequent response is "i wanted to get everything into view".. A camera mounted at the corner of the second story will give you nothing except the top of someones head.. You want to mount the cameras lower to the ground where they will get a good face shot.. People all the time give me video and say "i got them on camera doing this or that.. go lock them up".. the problem is that the video shows someone but you will never get a positive id.. and life isnt like CSI Miami where it will get enhanced.. Something to also look into is a sensor put at the entry way to your property.. Something breaks the sensors beam and it sounds an alert to you.. You then catch them in the act.. Again.. I know this doesnt help you with your question but just a little advice..

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