depth of tv cabinet

bhebertJune 30, 2009

I am having a cabinet built for in an outdoor entertaining area for a flat panel TV. What depth should I have the cabinet made? I want to mount a flat panel TV to the back of the cabinet. The TV I am looking at is 4" deep. I was thinking of using a cantilever TV mount that would allow me to extend and rotate the TV and also be able to push the TV to the back of the cabinet when not in use. The mount will extend 15.5", so I was thinking of making the cabinet 10"-12" deep? When fully retracted, the mount is 3" deep, so combined with the depth of the TV, when the mount is fully retracted, I would need a minimum of 7" of cabinet depth to accomidate the TV.

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Are you going to put any audio or video components into this cabinet?

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no just a television. i have a separate media cabinet for the components.

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Your cabinet depth sounds fine.

Some things to consider:

How far do you want to be able to pivot the TV?

How large is the screen going to be?

When you pull the TV out fully, the center of gravity will change. Make sure the cabinet won't tip over.

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