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deemarie5500May 14, 2007

Wake up and smell the lilacs!!!!

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Hi Dee,

I didn't want to leave your here all alone!
Us Jersey girls have to stick together!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. Check in!!


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I had to check in as I am an "almost Jersey Girl" I grew up 7 minutes away LOL.

Dee - Limoncello's was fantastic, we had a great time and a delicious dinner. Of course I thought of you there.

Donna - Glad you stopped by, I know how hectic your life is these days.

Marci - have you watched the last couple episodes of Gilmore Girls? I have teared up each time LOL.

Suzanne - How are your new chicks doing?


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Hi Ladies,

One MIA checking in. Does life ever slow down? lol!

Things are going fast here. Mother's Day was a run, run, run day. I would have loved to have been able to sit outside and read a book. I am sure that will be Father's Day! lol! Seriously though, I know one of these days we won't have our mom's around to visit, so I shouldn't complain.

Erica has her last day of kindergarten on Friday. I can't believe summer break is here already. Tara will start preschool this fall. She can't wait.

Hope everyone has a great week. I am going Maddie's way this weekend. Wish we could hook up, but once again, no time.


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Jen, glad you checked in. I was going through some boxes and found pics of your girls from a few years ago. They grow so quickly...enjoy!

Raeanne, did you sit outside the restaurant? Our table was in the front room that had the painted lemon trees on the walls over the arch to the main room. Glad you had a good time.

Donna, still thinking about you and your family. Did you have a good time in AC on Sunday? We are going to spend a weekend there in June. Youngest stepdaughter has a 21st birthday coming, and this is how she wants to celebrate. We all get together....her mom and stepdad, her dad and me, her sister and bf, other friends and relatives. DH and I will be going down on a Friday morning and coming home early on Sunday morning to try to beat the crowds. Not sure if you spend time there on weekends in the summer, but maybe we can meet up if you are free for an hour or two.

This farmer planted 96 impatients this weekend and my knees are well aware of it! lol!!! Also planted my herbs and tomotoes. This weekend we are going for some additional veggie plants and herbs.

Suzanne, my walking buddy and I counted 8 swans on the lake this morning. The sun was barely up, but the reflection on the lake was amazing!

Gotta run and finish up here at the office. I need to leave at 2:30 for my root canal this afternoon. The fun just never ends.

BJ & Maddie, send me an e:mail so that I can update everyone.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Jen - I can't believe that the girls will be in First and preschool - WOW. No wonder your life is so busy.

Dee - we sat in the same room you did. It was actually late in the afternoon and we knew it would get too chilly once the sun started to go down. Did you have the waiter with the thick accent and beautiful blue eyes? Sore knees and a root canal to boot - I feel your pain ((((HUGS))))

I still haven't done my planters on my deck and tomorrow I have to finish planting flowers in town. We did most of them last week, but it was too much for 4 people to complete in one day.

Enjoy your day.

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I'm back to reclaim my AI "Princess" title. If you don't spend the entire evening on the telephone voting then you aren't as bad as me. LOL I really like Blake but I, too, think that Jordin is going to be the "it" girl! I think that the last 6 probably will all end up with contracts & that we will see them again.

Dee~You just happened to pick my favorite flower & smell. I hope that you were honored for Mother's Day, as well.

Marci~I figured that you were busy, busy, busy. You might have to plan a trip soon. Dave says that we may possibly move as soon as six months.

Besh~I'm so sorry about your family's loss. You know that it was just about 15 months since our daughter had to make the decision to have life support pulled on her husband & I know that it isn't easy.

For all that have older pets~My parents have a dog that is about 15? years old. His hearing is selective. LOL Or so I'm told. He cannot see very well & he cannot jump up on the bed anymore to sleep with them. We are all dreading the time when he goes b/c we all love him so. He is a very good dog.

Jen~It was good to see that you had posted.

Lynn~I'm glad that things have slowed down to you.

NJ Donna~I hope that your Dad continues to do better.

NH Suzanne~How exciting! New chicks! You are a new Mommy. And, it sounds like you are doing a great job.

Raeanne~We have done some pots so that we can take our plants when we move. One of them, though, I'm not certain, is going to make it.

I've really been sick the past two or three weeks. I think that it is a combination of allergies & a relapse of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. All I've been able to do is sleep & then the past couple of nights I haven't been able to sleep at all. Ugh. Patti :)

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Hi All,

Raeanne, glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day you almost Jersey Girl!!!

Patti: Thanks for the good thoughts, today is the best he had been in AGES. My mom took him by the bocci court today and once they recognized him they all came over to him and told him to get better, they need him. He is a kick a-- player. I can relate to the older pets thing...Lacey and Moose are 13 and 12.

Jen - glad to see you!! Summer vacation already, wow.

Suzanne - new chicks - hope to see pics.

Marci,Lynn and Besh - how are you doing?

Dee - a Friday evening could work, I work in AC and could meet up with you before I head home. Our Mother's Day was wonderful, my mom totally enjoyed our time out and I am so glad. If you get a chance when in AC visit the restaurant Sonsie at the Pier @ Caesars - wonderful!

Gotta run - will check in later. Hope I didn't miss anyone!!

Thanks guys for keeping me grounded!!


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Good WEDNESDAY morning!

Donna, hope you are safe enough with all the fire in South Jersey. Friday might be good for DH and I to meet you in A/C; we'll try to work it out!

We have major problems here with our network shared drives, so my ability to get work finished is seriously impaired. This is day 2, so I'm getting further and further behind. Worse things have happened, but it is annoying! lol

Gotta run!

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Donna - I also thought of you when I heard of the fire in South Jersey - they quickly showed a map and it looked like it was probably north and inland a bit from you, but I wasn't sure. I'm glad your mom had such a nice day.

Dee- I hope you get the computer situation fixed quickly - what a big pain.

Patti - I thought my dog's hearing was selective, but now when I ask her if she wants a treat - she doesn't jump up, so I know for sure she can't hear well. Sorry you haven't been feeling well.

Suzanne - where are you? It's not like you to be away for so long. How was your weekend with SP?

I just spent 3 hours in the rain planting the rest of the town's flowers - now I have to hope they don't float away LOL.

Enjoy your day.

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I am here lurking. I had a bad weekend away with Pea. We got to Woodstock, VT on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful cool and windy. We unloaded the horses to let them stretch out and took them for a walk over to the courses where they would be performing their tests. It was just beautiful and once I saw the dressage arena all my fears melted away. I knew that SP and I were going to do very well and I knew I had my pattern etched in my mind! Finally, I was relaxed a little. So we walked the horses around and then had lunch. After lunch we decided to harness up and go practice the patterns. etc. for real.

SP and I were nearly done harnessing up and she was standing perfectly still as she always does. Just as I got the shaft of the cart onto one side of her and the hold-back strap attached I moved to her other side. As I got the shaft into the right place she stepped left, the shaft fell and she got her foot on the wrong side of it. It scared her and she moved againÂÂÂit was all down hill from there. When she moved again because she was frightened (the shaft was not right and she knew it) all the other harness parts that were resting on her back waiting to be attached to the cart fell down around her feet!
Now she is really afraid and moving in a circle attempting to get away from all of it. I almost had her under control when all that leather and shafts pulled me down to the ground  all I remember from there is feeling the cart going over my back! I managed to get up just in time to see her running towards some parked trucks  she turned to miss the truck but the carriage that was chasing her slammed into the truck. She stopped dead in her tracks and stood still. GOOD GIRL  most horses would be long gone and not stop until they were two counties over.

The good news is that she was not hurt and seems just fine. I on the other hand am badly bruised but not seriously injured. The worst injury is a bruised tailbone and it hurts, hurts, hurts. My arms are all bruised and banged up  there is no end to the bruises! ItÂs amazing I wasnÂt hurt worse. It could have been so much worse. So, I am grateful to be able to share this with you all today! My harness and cart are seriously damaged and will be out of commission for a while. My homeowners will cover the truck damage but they are trying to find a way not to cover the repair of my personal property  harness and carriage  because it was horse related! I canÂt believe these people!

So thatÂs my news. I am gimping along and will be fine. I am very lucky and very grateful that my SP is okay! I am really disappointed that we didnÂt get to do our tests because we both worked so hard. Now we have to wait until September to try again.

Okay  enough about me. Except I will try to get a photo of some of my chicks who are SO cute.

Hello to all. Patty I am sorry you arent feeling well. Raeanne, I hope your flowers stay in tact, Dee, computers are like menÂÂcanÂt live with them and you canÂt live without them! Donna, still thinking of you and your family  hope all is well. Jen, summer break is hard to believe stay in touch!

QOD: Okay everyone, we have several contenders for AI Queen:

Marci, Patti, Dee Marie, Besh. Once and for all who do you think it is??????

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[[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] feel better soon! So glad that Sweet Pea is OK,which is more important than the material things, right? Insurance companies are so happy to take your premium checks but so cranky about giving back. grrrrrrrr

QOD: PATTI has my vote after last night's show.

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((NHSuzanne & Sweet pea)) - So glad you are going to be okay once the bruises heal. I get black and blue marks so easily, I can't imagine what I would look like if something like that happened to me. Make sure you take it easy for a few days!

QOD - I didn't get to vote last night, in fact I didn't even get to watch it, as I was at my Stitch 'N B*tch. But I did vote last week for Melinda and Jordin. I will be watching the elimination round tonight though, if I can stay awake that long! LOL I will vote for Patti and Besh as co-winners!!

My allergies are acting up and I have an awful cough. I hope it goes away soon. It rained today, so I am hoping that the pollen dies down.

Patti - Hope you are able to move to TX soon, as I know that is what you want. I may soon have another place in the south to visit, my DD told me she and her DBF are moving to Lafayette Louisiana in June. Sigh.......why can't there be one of my kids who got a job closer to home.


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Marci~Maybe I can visit you in Louisiana. It won't be forever out of the way & would give us a good time to get away for a day or two.

QOD: I still have to say that I am reclaiming my title. LOL I was so hoping that it would be Blake & Jordin in the end. I really know in my heart that the top six will have recording contracts without any problems.

NH Suzanne~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] I'm so glad that SP stayed still after everything & didn't get hurt. Do you think that she will be skiddish with the cart now? I know that bruised tailbones are the worst! I broke mine once a long time ago & my Dad & I had to hide it from my Mom. I don't think that it has ever healed properly.

Dee~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] How frustrating it must be to be having problems with your computers right now. I don't guess that anytime is a good time especially when you depend on them for work.

Raeanne~That is why we think that Schroeder's hearing is selective b/c he still can hear treat or Mom going into the container to get the treats. LOL

Donna NJ~I'm so happy that your Dad had a good day yesterday & pray that he continues to have many more.

I talked to Tikanis yesterday. She has been out of town for a little over a week. She said that she will try to get on again either today or by the end of the week. She sounded good but she was tired.

My strange hours of sleep may drive me crazy. Or maybe I already am. LOL Who knows? All of the MIAs check in. We need you here & we need to know how you are. John, this includes you!! Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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I am really happy about American Idol. I absolutely adore Jordin and think she is what the show is about. Melinda is an obvious star and her record sales with show that, but this is a wonderful break for Jordin and Blake. ROCK ON!!!!!!!

Marci, I hope you feel better. My arthritis is making each day a challenge, but I know it will end soon. So will the pollen count, but if your cough does not go away after a week or so, you need to see a doctor.

Tikanas! Hope that you are at least lurking. I miss you!

MIAs: John, BJ, Maddie, Amy, Besh, Joanne, Zig, Gretchen, Lynn....I'm so sure I've missed a few. Please stop by to say hello!

Gotta run and make up yet another list of to-do stuff.

Make today count!

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((((((Suzanne)))))) OUCH, I am so happy that you got away with just bruises and SP was safe. How disappointing, but now you have it to look forward to in September. Relax with a glass or 2 of wine tonight - that's an order.

Dee - do you leave tomorrow for AC? If so have a great time (I know we never have to tell you that).

I fell asleep the last commercial before they announced who was voted off. I could hardly believe it when DH told me it was Melinda. She really was in a league of her own and will probably do better than winning AI - she can now pick and choose who she wants to produce her music. I am happy with it being down to Jordin and Blake as well.

Princess AI (patti) - I can't help but think of you when I watch AI LOL.

Donna - I 2nd that motion for your dad to have many good days ahead of him. He must've felt great to see his buddies and realize how much they miss him.

Gotta run. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Hello---MIA checking in.

I have been catching up on the posts. I went through them fast....

(((HUGS)) to all who need and want them!!!!!!

Marci --- I shreiked out loud when I read your post about she home yet? I have my finger crossed that when you type back you will say " Yes, Kit Kat is back"

NH Suzanne - What a ordeal you had. "OUCH" to the max!!!! Glad you both are ok. Are you healing????

DH and I have been walking just about every seems my appetite is getting bigger. We walk 2+ miles and make it 35 to 50 minutes 5-6 nights a week. I am so glad to get my big "you know what" up and off the couch. LOL!

Talk to ya soon!


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Lynn - Yes, Kitkat is back!!!! She was gone for over 24 hours, and my DD thought she was a goner. She is back to normal, but wouldn't let me out of her sight for a few days. I think she didn't trust us! LOL

I was disappointed that Melinda got voted off, but she will get her break no matter what. I like Blake to a certain degree, but I am now rooting for Jordin all the way!!

Raeanne - I taped the Gilmore Girls finale and watched it Wednesday. I had just learned that DD is moving to Louisana, and I used that excuse to cry through the whole episode! I felt better afterwards though. I did think the show had gone downhill this year. The story lines for Lorelai, were all over the place. But I was a loyal watcher for 7 years and I will miss it.

Dee - I am giving myself until next week and then I will go to the docs for this cough. I know I am driving everyone nuts at school.

NHSuzanne - How are you feeling today?

Donna - So glad to hear that your Dad is having some good days.

Jen - Hope Erica's graduation goes well.

We are having our graduations next week and I need to make cookies this weekend. I am making Lady Lock Squares. They taste like the real thing, but are so easy to make. And they make about 15 dozen.

Gotta run and get ready to watch Grey's.


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First of all (((Suzanne and SP)))

Marci - I have a terrible cough with all of this pollen! I hope it is over very soon.

My dad had is now in the hospital, went by ambulance yesterday cause his legs wouldn't hold him. CT showed some additional cancer on the thoracic spine - today he had an MRI and we should know results tomorrow (doc will be in then). I suspect they will start his chemo in the hospital. Today he was definitely more himself..a terrible disease. What a difference 24 hours makes. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers, we still need them.

QOD: My vote is for Patti!!

Will check in - thanks again guys for everything.


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Good Friday all,

I for one, am delighted it's Friday!

I am still very sore but getting better each day. I would be willing to bet that I am the only woman you know that has a hoof print (in the form of a bruise) on each arm and a carriage track on her back!! LOL you have to laugh at how abusrd that sounds.

I tried to take some chick pix this morning but it's a two person job. They are very active and jumping around everywhere. Ah youth!

QOD: So, is it finally settled? Patti is the undisputed AI Queen? agreed?

QOD: What is everyone doing this weekend?

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[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne & Donna]]]]]]]]]]]]] Hope your weekend is better than this week for you.

TGIF, indeed!!!!!

QOD: My sister is coming up from south Jersey because we have some major landscaping work to do on the house our parents left us. The siblings who live there (and let it go...grrrr) will be in and out. A good thing, because sis and I work better without them. Hope my knee holds up, but I'm buying those Advil liquid gel caps, so that should help a bit. Maybe a glass or two of wine at night will also assist in healing!

Would like everyone to at least check in before the weekend.

Make EVERY day count!

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NH Suzanne & Donna~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] I hope that you get things resolved positively soon.

Dee~What are we going to do with you & Dave? He can hardly stand on his knee. This is the first time that it has given him this much trouble & he is worried.

Marci~I can honestly say that I know what it feels like to have your children living so far away from you & it really isn't any fun. I don't have but one or two holidays with my kids. And, I always miss Mother's Day & Dave always misses Father's Day except occasionally when we are at DS#1's for his birthday. I'm sure that you will be glad when school is out for a little while.

Lynn~You are doing good to be walking. What time do you get out? Were you born in FL? To me, it is too hot & too humid to be out walking.

Dee~Maybe some wine for Dave too.

QOD~We are still in bed sick. I was just printing out the BINGO sheets for Dave & thought I would check in. Now, it is back to bed for me.

Be good to yourselves b/c you are worth it! Patti :)

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Well, my weekend friends, I hope that this means that you are out having the time of your lives & that you just don't have time to post right now. Please post today if you get a chance to drop by. Patti :)

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Well, my weekend friends, I hope that this means that you are out having the time of your lives & that you just don't have time to post right now. Please post today if you get a chance to drop by. Patti :)

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to stop in and let you know I will be missing most of this week. My dad went into the hospital on Wednesday and passed away very peacefully Saturday morning. He was very, very sick and was not going to get any better so, even though we know it's a blessing as he was in pain and had great difficulty breathing, it's still hard to accept.

We are having a viewing and service Wednesday evening and, as he wished, he will be cremated. Probably some time in July when the tide is high and the summer sun hits the Atlantic so it looks like diamonds is when we will release his ashes at the location he requested.

My family and I so much appreciate all of your thoughts, prayers and support.

I will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I love you all.

Love, Donna

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Oh Donna -I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. I sit here with tears in my eyes and hope you know how much we care.

Death is never easy, but watching someone you love in pain, is even harder.

May all your wonderful memories of the times you spent together get you through the next few days and months to come.


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Doona~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] We just want you to know that we are here for you whenever you need to talk or vent. We are a part of your family & you don't have to stay away. We will shed tears with you & listen. If you wanat advice we will give it. Otherwise, we are here for your needs. Please don't forget that. I'm truly sorry & my condolences go out to you & your entire family. Yes, there will be prayers & positive thoughts all the while. :) Patti

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((((((Donna))))))) may your fond memories bring you peace. My best to you and your family. How beautiful to think of spreading your father's ashes when the tide is high and the summer sun hits the Atlantic so it looks like diamonds! I love that idea.

We will all be thinking of you this week and look forward to when you can come back and share your joy and your grief.

We love you too.

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