Philips 32" Model: 32pfl6704D/f7 Chassis:pl9.3

julialee23June 26, 2014

My Philips TV has developed a life of its' own!! There are 4 main symptoms that appear randomly.

1. The tv powers on and off unless the power is completely disconnected from the source.

2. The tv continuously cycles through the set up menu and cannot be controlled by the remote.

3. The tv continuously cycles through the Select Source menu and cannot be controlled by the remote.

4. The volume cannot be controlled by the remote.

If by some miracle, the tv settles down enough to connect either to Cable or to the Samsung Smart DVD player, i might be able to control selections of channels or dvd options for a while before the menus pop up and start cycling through once again.

I must unplug from the main power in order to turn it off, so it sits overnight at the very least, but is usually uncontrollable as soon as i plug it back in.

I have tried resetting it by pushing the 2 volume or 2 channel selection buttons on the unit itself at the same time, but this does nothing.

I have tried removing the batteries from the remotes, but this does nothing.

My daughter says i need to give up, but this forum seems to be the most comprehensive and solution oriented place I have seen in the last two weeks of searching for help, that I am hopeful you will be able to solve this very annoying problem!

thanks very much!!!

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How old is your TV?

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It is approximately 2 years old. Since this post, the tv appears to turn on but does stays "black" - no cycling through menus, no reception from cable or smart dvd player. It isn't turning on and off anymore, There is no control from the remotes whatsoever and the only way the TV turns on is from the unit itself. There is limited response from the unit controls but not the expected functions - for example, i can change the source using the channel buttons - not the menu button.

Please tell me there is hope!!!!

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Update to last post: when the source is changed using the unit controls - and cable is selected, the tv eventually tuned into the station, but there was still no control of the volume from either the remote or the tv unit. The tv is between 2 and 3 years old. Purchased from Amazon. If you need an exact date of purchase I can look back through my records. Thanks!

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It appears that there is something seriously wrong with a microprocessor in your TV.

Unfortunately, at two years old, your TV is out of manufacturer's warranty. I suggest you take your TV to a shop for an estimate.

Try to find a TV shop that will apply the estimate fee towards your purchase if you replace it through them.

With dropping price of new TV's, coupled with the rising costs of repair labor, it may be better to listen to your daughter and replace the TV.

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I was just about to bite the bullet and put it down to a lemon when a friend of mine started fiddling. He pulled out the HDMI cable and hooked the tv directly up to the cable box. Voila! I had full control back. He then hooked the tv directly up to the smart dvd and the same thing! it wasn't the TV at all, but rather the HDMI cable. Instead of a $400 replacement TV, I am ordering a $5 cable from amazon!! Yahoo!!!!

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