Mixing two different paints?

cbag1August 31, 2002

I bought a gallon of semi-gloss latex interior paint and brought it home to try out the color. The color was fine, but the sheen was a little too shiny. Would it be ok to buy 4 more gallons of satin latex and mix this one gallon of semi-gloss with it? I don't think 1:4 of the two would hurt the sheen of the satin too much. This paint was 20.00 a gallon and I hate to waste it. Tell me if this is a big screw up.


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As long as it is the same base, latex to latex, oil to oil, there is absolutely no problem mixing them.

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CB, if you haven't already mixed it yourself, try taking it back to the paint store. I've done that several times and found them to be more than accomodating-even had one place spend 1/2 an hour w/me, experimenting until we got the exact shade I wanted...all at no extra cost!

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