If I get a new digital TV......................

catherinetJune 5, 2009

Hi all,

I've put converter boxes on all my other TVs, except my main one. It has a VCR and a DVR too. I'm discovering that if I have one converter box on this stuff, I can't tape a show and watch a different show at the same time.

I'm starting to feel like its just too limiting to try to make this work with my old TV. If I got a new digital TV, would it be just like having my old set-up back? Could I tape one show on my VCR, while watching another? Could I tape different shows on different channels at different times?

I'm starting to think I just need to bite the bullet and get a digital TV.

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I have a digital set-top (converter) box for my old TV. This box has 2 tuners, one that you can use to watch the live show and another one that you can use to record another show to a hard disk.

My model is not available anymore, but you could look out for something similar.

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Thanks guido, I guess I could get a second digital converter.
But then I still wouldn't be able to tape 3 shows on 3 different channels, right?
But I would be able to do that if I got a new digital TV, right?
I'm just getting tired of having to figure all these different ways of doing things with the analog TV.

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A new digital TV won't affect the VCR.
You'll still need a converter for that.

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You're kidding??
I don't understand. YOu mean everyone (with just an antenna) who had VCRs and DVRs will have to get converter boxes for them too???

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They'll need a converter for any device if it doesn't have a digital tuner and is connected to an antenna,
UNLESS the VCR, DVR, etc is connected to the the audio/video output of the digital TV,
but then you could only record what you're watching.

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What a bummer! This changeover is such a PITA!
I bought a sony DVR a couple years ago. How do I find out if it has a digital tuner? I've looked in its instruction booklet, but can't find anything. I've read that if it doesn't have the tuner, it should have informed me. It may have been listed on the box, but I didn't understand it back then. Any suggestions for figuring it out?

How are people doing this who like to record things? Are most people on cable/tivos, etc? I read that 80 million people use vcrs for taping. It ticks me off that not much as been mentioned about the problem with vcrs that this change will cause. I tape tons of stuff when I'm not able to watch it, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now.
If I get a second tuner for my vcr, it will still only be able to tape one show on one channel, right?
I could have a room full of expensive equipment, and still not be able to do what I do now with an analog tv and a vcr and an antenna on the roof. :(
Thanks for your help.

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What is the model number of the Sony? It should be something like RDR-VX560.

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Hi jdbillp,
According to the front of the 131 page manual that came with it, its a RDR-VX530.

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2006 RDR-VX530 no digital tuner

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Bummer. I suppose this means I'll need a 3rd converter box.
I'm in the process of changing everything over. I've removed all the wires from TV, VCR, DVR. So far, the TV is doing its thing correctly from having the converter box. Nice clear pictures and a few more stations.
I figured I should start out simply......with just the converter box and TV. Now I'm trying to get the VCR to work, but nothing is showing up. Since I unplugged everything, I might have to re-program the VCR being able to talk to the TV, but I have to go let the chickens out first.
What caught me up for awhile was that I was used to having the TV and VCR set to channel 4, but for some reason, it needs to be channel 3 now.
After I get the VCR working with everything else, then I'll move on to the DVR.
I think I'm going to use a splitter so that I can get signals to my VCR and my DVR. Does that make any sense at all?
You guys are so familiar with all this stuff, you must think I'm a real slow learner. haha But hey....ask me about chickens, watergardens, raising kids, vegetable gardening, or critical care medicine, and I could probably help some of you!

One quick question.........Am I being redundant by using a coaxial connection here and there, AND RCA cables on the same machines??
Okay.........out to the chickens, but I'll be back. Don't go too far. :)

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