New roof leaking! need advice asap

DatdogAugust 28, 2002

This is not a major disaster but could quickly turn into one! Here is my story on my one week old roof!

Just my luck. Get a new roof and first rain the damn thing leaks! Called the roofer back out. He caluked- AGH! NOT what I wanted.

Said everything looked fine. Shouldn't be a problem now.

Well there is and caulk didn't fix it! Went up in the atic and found it leaking around the framing of a sky light.

Called my roofer at home about 9 p.m.

#1 he doesn't believe it's leaking as he flashed the skylight correctly he claims!

#2 claims it's not from the flashing but from the skylight glass part!

#3 Sometimes leaks happen even after a new roof is put up (his words) Tell me, do I have STUPID written across my face! I thought the idea to replace the roof was to STOP all leaks....

I invited him over tonight to see for himself where the leak is. He declined. Having a party (most likely paying for it with my 5,000 dollars.

This skylight NEVER leaked! Now my ceiling has water damage. The insulation inside the atic is soaked and as I type I have a bucket collecting water from the drip, drip, drip!

How do I get this across to this roofer? To think this guy came recommened! Where do I go from here?

He is coming out tomorrow with his trusty caulk gun I'm sure.


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What's the warranty? He comes over, and uses his caulking gun, video tape him. Then advise him you will be speaking to his supervisor/owner, the local union he is involved with and the better business bureau. Warranty for roofs here is usually 10 years.

One other place to check is the A/C return lines. If they run in the attic take a look and see if it isn't developing condensation. If it is, that could be the cause of your leak. This happens quite frequently when the atmosphere changes. These atmospheric changes can be caused by the new roof, or an open window.

Our company deals with this quite often and we get a lot of calls like yours. We have found that in the majority of the cases, it's condensation. Once the temperature balances out then it stops.

Check all your possibilities first.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Had my husband go up in the attic last night.
The leak is around the top of the skylight. The wood frame portion, not the light.
This guy owns his own buisness, there is no boss.
He's coming out this a.m.
It's not leaking now, seems the wood swelled and cut off the water flow, is that possible? Whatever happened last night to stop the water was a blessing as it rained about four inches.

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Yes. Wood will swell and shrink dependent on weather. This is why roofers will (should) tell you, that it is not uncommon to see rippling on roofs on hot dry days and not see any on wet days. It expands and shrinks.

My boss says he did a CHITTY job in the installation. There should be some sort of rubber membrane or gasket type of material installed ALONG WITH CAULKING AND the flashing. If this was done correctly you should not have leaks for quite some years. You will eventually get them, but not after 2 weeks.

Good luck. Keep us updated.

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A little bit of side advise dont compromise your house waiting for some idiot that didnt know how to do it right in the first place to get lucky and make it stop for now only to have it fail later. Get another roofer there to look at it and tell you what was done wrong they will probaply charge for this because it involves another party. Ask the first roofer to correct as specified in writing giving them a specified date to complete. You can make a very official sounding document to present to them showing you mean business. Document all events with pictures and in writing. If still not right or refused to repair find out how much it will cost to fix from the other roofers have them fix it and document it with pictures and also have them check other tbl areas. Then present them with the opportunity to refund the bill for the other roofers if refused take them to small claims I think it costs 35$ and you can get as much as 3500$ in refunds and damages.

Some things to keep in mind in having anyone do any work. Get at least 4 estimates take notes and never go with the cheapest.
It costs most companys the same to do the same work and materials. Charge too little and they cant afford to do a good job or use good materials. Charge too much and they dont care if they rip you off they can do a really god job it just costs more, or screw it up and it costs them more to do all jobs because they have to redo most of them so they charge more to make up for the cost of going back so much.
Stay away from the chains, sometimes its hard to spot them but Ive found they usually have a sales guy that dosnt know roofing bid the job from a price sheet. I have seen this in plumbing and hvac also. They are high priced and they have alot of low paid low skilled labor working for them.

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Yes, we still have a leak.
This is after the running dummy came out for the third time.
I actually thought it might have been fixed as we had a huge rain storm and not one drop of water.
We've been about two weeks now without rain. The wood must have contracted- hence the leak with the first shower. Now we have damage inside on the skylight/ceiling that a professional will have to repair.
To think this guy came recommended by several people!

I'm a little nervous about having someone else come out. I don't think I can handle one more bad roofer!
Wish me luck.

Thanks for all the advice. Time I get to following it.
Going crazy in NJ!!!!

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