whats with all the phillips magnavox's

sduck2June 26, 2007

I am a regular on kitchen remodel forum and while I'm in the midddle of all this kitchen stuff my Phillips 32" that has always worked perfectly started loosing the color after 10 minutes after turning it on. After trying everything I figured it might be time to jump on the flat screen bandwagon and wanted to see what everyone else got so I jumped on this forum. It seems in the last month everyone's Phillips are not turning on, turning off, burning out and loosing color.

Do you think that inside the television the Phillips people told the program to stop working in May and June 2007?

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From what I understand, some other internet website recommends this forum for Phillips/Magnavox TV questions. So there are many, many service questions for those brands.

Seeing as PeeWee isn't on here as much anymore most of those go unanswered.

After they are on top for a week or so I just post something in the thread so they start moving down the page. Otherwise they stay at the top for a long time and clutter things up.

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When I bought my first 32inch Magnavox flat screen it functioned for perhaps 15-20 seconds. The salesman said this happens often, just bring it back. We did not upgrade because of a warehouse problem and resigned to taking home another 32in Magnavox flat screen. It has only failed once in six months and responded to unplugging from the wall. I have some minor complaints with the sound adjustment.

Here is the story on how I came to buy the thing in the first place, and why we did not change to something else immediately: everything else in the city that was comparable i.e. 27-35 inch or within $500 was sold out. One thing they did right was flood the warehouses in our city at a time when the competition was not planning.

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They are poorly made, that's what's up with them. There is a reason they are so "affordable".

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I guess I lucked out with the 27" Magnavox I bought in 1993. It's on six hours a day since then, with no repairs.

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ditto on the 27" magnavox lasting for 15 years..... but ditto on the 4 year old 32" magnavox of mine, that has shot craps 3 times in the last 18 months. i retired my 27" to the family room, where i'm watching it now because the bigger one is about to hit the dumpster.... if i can't find help here.

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