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nhsuzanneMay 8, 2006

Hello????????? Anybody out there?

Come out and tell us how your weekend was. We have to get back to the norm around here! Imagine me starting us off this week? Something's wrong!! LOL

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Hi, NH Suzanne. I was just checking in. I've got so many projects in the works this year with 2 new grandbabies & 1 DDIL graduating, my DM & DF's 50th wedding anniversary that I'm doing from 1500 miles away, I have another friend who doesn't have anybody so I'm doing a blanket for her baby too. And, DS's on again/off again DGF is graduating the same weekend that DDIL is graduating only 250 miles away. We leave Thursday for Dallas & we are so excited. Dave had another heart attack on March 1. So he has had 2 now before turning 48. I'm trying to work with the VA so that they get all of this duly noted & get our paperwork done. I've done mine again, I think, as far as I can go. Dave saw a civilian doctor today that is supposed to write something for him to take to the VA & he wants him to change his medicine. Dave had a panic attack in the car while he was driving & I had to think quick to settle him down. Anyone else have to do that? Well, I'll try to get on while I'm in Dallas b/c I don't think that there will be a lot going on but who knows, we may be on the run the entire time. I haven't forgotten you. Just give me until September or so. (You know that our SIL killed himself this year as well, don't you?) DD is doing as well as can be expected. Actually, a little better & we are worried that she hasn't allowed herself to grieve yet. Patti :)

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Just an early morning check in.
Patti - nice to see you posting and the synopsis of the last few months - WOW - how long will you be in Dallas?

BJ - glad you like your Birthday box - I thought you could use a little "tea" time. Note the Canadian and local teas.

Trying to get a little gardening in between trips to see my Mom. She is still hanging in there and we are having a Mothers Day event at the Nursing Home - About 8 of us will go for that.

That's it for now, take care

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Good Morning,

Patti, It's great to see ya post. Have a great time in Dallas. You have a lot going on over the next few months. Tell Dave to stay well!

Joanne, Do you do landscaping too? I could use some help!

NH Suzanne, Nothings wrong! Your just ahead of us all! lol!! My weekend was quiet and relaxing. How was yours?

Erica graduates preschool Friday nite. She is excited.

Better run. Have a great day.


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Suzanne - thanks for getting us started.

Patti - Your plate is full! WOW, you have so much going on around you, I'm glad that much of it is happy events. I feel for Dave and his panic attack. I have heard that you can try counting backwards from 1000 by 3's during a panic attack or wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it. It is suppose to divert your attention away. Please take care of yourself during all this.

Jen - I can't believe that Erica is graduating - I'm sure this will be a kodak moment.

It's my day off, but I have a ton of things that need attending to. Have a great day!

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Hi all!

Patti--I'm so green that you're going to Dallas! I have been to TX since 03, and I am having itchy fingers to hug my godsons!

Jen--WOW! The time has flown! I can't belive she is getting so big!

Well, BJ and I never got to meet up, and I'm so disappointed! However, I know she is in to see her family, and very busy, but I would have loved to have seen her! Well, maybe third time (next year) is charm!

Raeanne, no, no Derby hat this year. I started a great one, and ran out of time. I did see some great ones though, and I just wonder at a $1K hat. (Seriously--it was in the paper.)

We're getting ready to leave for Canada late on the 15th. BIL will be staying here to take care of the cats, and keep an eye on things. I can hardly wait! ZIG! I hope we can stop by on the way home--I'll email you with deatils!

Things are the same here--still looking, but not as hard--I won't be avaliable until mid-june, so, I've kinda suspended the hunt.

Hope all is well!



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Hey Maddie
Where in Canada are you headed?

Raining here today, but we can sure use it. Found a racoon under my deck last night. Not sure who was more surprized. DH will be taking her to a new home asap.

Jen - I actually use to landscape for a living many years ago. Have just completed my daughters new home and have another one around the corner that I'm working on too. Just a hobby now though. I specialize in perennial gardens, but also love woodland gardens too.

That's it for today, have my sorority chapter here for a meeting tonight, so a little cleaning must get done.

Everyone have a great day.

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Have tried to post all week, and keep getting interrupted so I'm hiding out until I get this done :-)

Patti ~ you guys have been through so much (((((HUGS))))

Maddie ~ What time do you think you will be going by on the way up? If you see a light on and need a break please stop or at least honk when you go by. Hope we can hook up on your way home. Email me your plans.

milkdud and Debi ~ how are you guys doing?

Jen ~ It doesn't seem possible that Erica is graduating from preschool and will be in kindergarten this fall.

Joanne ~ enjoy your meeting and the time spent with your sorority sisters

With proms, graduations and open houses it has been a really busy time here at work. I hate wishing my life away but I will be glad to see the end of June, when things slow down a little.

Hope everyone finds a little time to check in even if it's just to say "hi"


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OK - it's Saturday and where the heck is everyone???

Patti, Dave, Joanne - hugs and payers to all of you.

Tikanas - happy nurses week to you! Because it is nurses week I have been very, very busy at work.

I will check in later and post more but for now I am off to get some errands taken care of.


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Hello everyone, I'm back from my cruise (wonderful time in Bermuda!) but blew out my left (and only GOOD!) knee. Was in the ER for most of the afternoon yesterday. Thank godness there is no damage to bone, but I need to see a doc asap this week to determine what can be done about possible cartilge or tendon damage.

Patti, hope your week has gotten better.

Joanne, I'm thinking about you and praying for you and your mom this special day.

[[[[[[[[[[Hugs to all who need them]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Gotta run and pick up the rest of my e:mails. Thanks to Raeanne & Jen for all the funnies I got while I was away!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Happy Mother's Day to all my SS sisters! This counts to all that are moms, step-moms, aunts, pet owners, teachers ... Enjoy your day

Dee - how did you do that (or shouldn't I ask)? I'm sure you will get all kinds of knee advice around here. I hope you are able to rest comfortably. Glad you had a nice vacation.

Joanne - keeping your mom in my thoughts.

Maddie - have a great trip and hope you and Zig can meet up.

Well I better get back to my lounge chair and bon bons!

Enjoy your day

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Happy Mother's Day!!

NH Suzanne, how are you you holding up with all the rain and flooding up your way?

DeeMarie, I am SO sorry to hear about your knee!

Thank you Donna! : )

Raeanne, watch out for those bon bons!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day


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Happy Mother's Day!!!


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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms/stepmoms/pet moms/aunt moms/friend moms! If you've ever felt nurturing toward anyone or anything, you're a mom!

Besh, I've been hearing stories about the water rising in Salem. I hope you're safe and dry.

NHSuzanne, I hope you're doing fine where you are also.

I've been missing in action because school has been overwhelming. The first was spent doing assessments for conferences this past week. Next week and the week after should be as normal as could be possible, so it should be easier, I hope!

Hugs to all those who need or just want them! Take care and I'll try to get better about posting soon.

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Happy Mother's Day! I had a very nice day with my MIL and my Mom. Both kids called, hubby did the dishes and I have leftovers to last for the next three days.

This week is my last full week of classes. Then I have two graduations and one end of year party next week and I am done!! I have my to-do list all ready and I am psyched for some R&R.

Hope everyone had a good day.

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