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nhsuzanneMay 9, 2005

Good Morning Sunshines,

Is this a long weekend and everyone forgot to tell me? LOL

Where is everyone today? Stop in and tell us how your weekend was.

Mine was wet, windy and miserable.

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Good Morning. Weekend was good. Got things done at home. Went to a Kentucky Deby Party and my husband's pick came in 2nd place so we were happy. He won $25 and a dozen roses. It was nice.

Back to the old grindstone today. Work work work. I am really feeling that old song... I don't like Mondays by Boomtown Rats. Does anyone remember that one????
I just feel like the name of the song, not the context, Cause it is kinda DARK.

Maddie - have a great trip!!!!!!

Talk with you ladies later.....


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I'm here too, went to work early - I feel like I am so behind and starting to get that overwhelmed feeling that I dislike so much. So it is time to get in the garden and get grounded - that's where you will find me this afternoon LOL.

Suzanne - sorry your weekend was a washout.

Lyn - I don't know that song, maybe if I heard it. I am not good with names of songs. But I hope you have cheered up by now.

Well, I better get back to work.

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Good Monday to everyone!
I had a good weekend. DS#1 and DIL invited us over for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day and DS#2's 21st birthday. I ate too much! But am happy to say that I'm back to eating right today.

We had a 30 minute downpour yesterday. Water everywhere! But the farmers and ranchers were happy and very much needed the moisture.

I've been monogramming towels for gifts to graduates. Got a few more to do today.

DIL and the twins are picking me up this afternoon to go to the track for some walking. I'll be so glad when I'm back in the habit of walking. Right now I'm tired after 1½ miles! It will get better though. *SSS*

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Hi all!

Suzanne, I'm sorry that your weekend was so bad... How is Sweet Pea?

Lynn, I remember that song! AND I understand about Mondays....
I hope the rest of the week is better for ya.

MaryAnn, We have rain here today too. I love it! Good for you, out walking again. 1 1/2 miles is a great start! It can only get easier...

Raeanne, are you SURE we are not related?? I was thinking the same thing about our 2 bucks lol! I have that same overwhelmed feeling. It feels like things are out of control and I am hard pressed to stop them. I have so much to do and can't seem to catch up : ( I spent a couple of hours in the garden Saturday but even that didn't ground ME! I have 5 trellises to build and plants to get into the ground. I am so behind. I will get back out there again tomorrow.

QOD: What's your favorite veggie? Mine is a fresh tomato right outta the garden!


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QOD: I love beefsteak tomatoes; could eat a ton of them!

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QOD - Dee I also love those Jersey tomatoes - but only fresh and in season. My favorites vegetable is asparagus - I eat it at least twice a week roasted, grilled, steamed sauted with garlic and oil, unfortunately it has been very expensive around here lately.

I am off to go swimming and then to kayak with a friend - we are going to a spot on the lake that is normally swampy, but the water is very high right now. I have to drive my DH's truck - I never drove this one before - so wish me or I should say him luck LOL. I will be okay going straight, not sure about backing it into to be near the lake - another adventure.

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Good Morning All,

Raeanne, you will be fine with DH's truck! Use your mirrors! Have fun kayaking.

Tikanis, I am envious of your being able to garden! We are having frost here still so no gardening until the end of the month and then there is still a danger of frost. I am anxious to start planting things and I will start with the hardier varieties.

MaryAnn, 1 1/2 miles is a good start. Tikanis is right, it will get easier.

Now that the rain has stopped the black flies are thick. It's awful and if there is no breeze they will eat you alive. Black flies are NH's state bird!

QOD: I love almost all vegetables. Fresh tomatoes are right at the top of my list but for me a real tomato is not a reality until July. Fresh butter and sugar corn on the cob too but not until August! I am enjoying asparagus right now too but it is expensive. Still worth the price. I eat whatever is fresh and in season and leave the rest.

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Favorite: fresh steamed artichoke hearts.

Close second: Fresh parsley stems.

Third: Heirloom tomatoes.

Lots to do after the trip.

Didn't get to see Maddie this time. :(

My family swept me up in their tornado and I touched down just in time to catch the plane back home. The trip was too short, to say the least, but my bro drove up from Florida and I saw my uncle whom I haven't seen in at least 10 years. Of course, my aunt and parents kept the food coming and it was all so delicious. But I ate small postions and lost weight again this week. Since my teens told me to stop dieting and just eat smaller portions and exercise, I've lost 10.5 pounds. I really am amazed.

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QOD: Fresh tomatoes with lots of salt! But I also love beets and cauliflower.

It is beautiful today after the monsoon we had over the weekend! Yikes, it was a real nor'easter. We have not had one like that around here in a very long time.

Have a nice evening!

Love, Besh

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HEY! Wake up, all you diet-hards!

What's happening in your world?

My parents are arriving for a week-long visit. Already their plane has been delayed so I won't be able to pick them up 'cause I'll be picking kids up from school. I'm having a Towne Car pick them up; they'll probably like that better! I hope my mom and I can get some planting and gardening done while she's here. My father has several medical appointments to get to for his hips and legs. So, my week is pretty much shot---but in a good way.

*****QOD #1: How many glasses of water have you had today?

1 so far, which reminds me....I better get some water into me!

*****QOD #2: And what way are you going to pamper yourself this week for everything you do?

I bought 2 beaded curtains that have every color of the Chakras in them, so I'm hanging them in the windows of my office to welcome in some good vibes! Gotta find my hammer


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Happy Wednesday Everyone.

QOD: Green beens are my fav. Grape tomatoes 2nd place.

QOD: about 3 glasses so far and counting.

QOD2: Pampering????? Whats pampering???? lol. I enjoy a nice pedicure every now and then. My DH says, oh I see you got your hooves done. LOL.

Raeanne - tell us how the truck and kayaking went.


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Happy Wednesday!

QOD#1 - 0, I'm drinking a diet Coke right now. But I'll make up for it this afternoon. Water, water, water!!!

QOD#2 - I'm going to ride. I can't think of anything else I would rather do. Jammer and I are riding on a Poker Run put on by the Crime Stoppers!

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QOD - 3 big glasses of water for me, and 1 big smoothie.

QOD #2 - I am going to hang out in the spa tomorrow and soak in the hot tub then relax in the sauna, after an hour of swimming.

Lynn - the truck was no problem, my main concern was that I had to back it up a narrow driveway from a pretty busy street, but it went well. I felt very adventurous, driving around in a big truck with 2 kayaks hanging out of it LOL.

The kayaking was gorgeous, we were out there about 2 1/2 hours. It was so calm, we saw lots of wildlife and the weather was perfect. I can't wait to go there again. Maybe next week. There were no other boats in sight and passed only one other kayaker.

I am so sad, my closest girlfriend is separating from her husband - they just returned from vacation and decided while away, that a separation is necessary. I saw it coming, and I know that in the long run, this is the best thing - but I am so hurt for them. She won't be by me until next week and I feel so helpless. The four of us are together at least 2 to 3 times a week - so it will be a big adjustment for all of us.

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BJ - the beaded curtains sound perfect for an office space - very cool.

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Hello Everyone!

MaryAnn, are you a fellow equestrian???? Jammer sure sounds like a horses name to me!! Do tell. I bore everyone here with my horse tales!

Yes, Raeanne, tell us how you got that big rig in and around the lake!

QOD: I am on my 4th 14oz glass.

I wore tight pants today to remind me of how fat I am and I am perfectly miserable. Did not stop me from eating my lunch however. I think it's hopeless with me.

Next week I have my colonoscopy. I am SO looking forward to that. I thought it might be a great opportunity for me to prepare for the fast track liver detox that someone posted about on a thread at the diet forum. Sounds like a good thing to do.

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NHSuzanne, I ride motorcycles! And Jammer is my SO. He's actually Jesse, but friends at the Kitchen Table Forum named him Jammer. LOL
We do ride horses, though. Jammer recently bought a beautiful paint for his sons to ride, and my kids have rode horses all their lives, working with cattle. My 2 youngest sons are bullriders. Well, I think they've kind of grown out of that stage in life.
You can see Jammer and I and our new motorcycle here, plus lots of pictures of our riding trips,

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Happy THURSDAY everyone!

Yesterdays QOD 1: only 3 for the entire day; I did have 6 cups of decaf tea, though!!

Yesterdays QOD 2: had not thought about pampering myself. We are having dinner with friends tonight to celebrate their 31st anniversary. I was going to stay home with a book and a bubble bath (and then they asked us to join them). Friday afternoon, DH wants to go fishing, so I think that after I do the grocery shopping and some of the packing for our trip next week, I'll get into that bubble bath!!!!

MaryAnn, you guys are too funny! I've shown my DH pictures of you and Jammer from the KT. DH is a former Harley owner (he had to sell when he was much younger to pay bills!) He believes that some day he will ride again; however, I worry about it since we live in the most densely populated state in the USA, and drivers like to take out bikers for sport around here!!!!! There is just no place to ride safely.

Raeanne, sorry about your friends (the ones I met in Jersey?) Hopefully, they will find a way to work things out so that each of them remains happy. BTW, I think you are having way too much fun lately..I'm jealous!
Today is weigh-in at WW, and I'm not going to be happy. I stayed well within my points last week, but there was lots of carbs and high salt stuff included. I feel bloated.....blah, blah, wah, wah...come sit on the pity pot with me now! LOL!!

Gotta run and get some work done here.
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning All,

Well Maryann, at least you know what a horse is! LOL I too am a motorcycle rider. I ride with my DH but not as often as I should because I prefer to ride my horse. He has a Sportster and I have a Kawasaki which, by the way, always starts!!!

Raeanne, glad you had a nice time on the water. I am sure it was a wonderful experience. Sorry you are in pain over your friends breakup. It's never easy.

Has anyone heard from Gretchen and Marci? They have both been absent too long. Patti too. Check in you guys.

QOD #2: I don't pamper myself very often but yesterday I sat on my porch and watched my beautiful four legged family graze while I had a glass of wine! I just go sick of feeding the black flies that I gave up and went in!

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Hi Guys!

Well, my parents finally got here. The driver I sent couldn't ever find them, he had them paged, I had them paged, he looked all over the airport, etc. Never heard from them. Finally, 2 1/2 hours later, I started a drive to the airport with one of my teens, leaving the other teen home with the younger kids, in case my parents called or turned up. Just before I got on the freeway, I saw them in a airporter shuttle bus driving the other way (to my house). What a day. They refuse to get a cell phone, so there's no way to get ahold of them when this kind of stuff happens. ARG! But now they're here....!

My dad has a bunch of doc appts to look at his hip and back and foot. He's in a lot of pain. I hope they can fix him.

DeeMarie~How's your FIL? You still feeding him and fattening him up? AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING next week???????

Besh~ How's things with your dad?

And Raeanne~ You sound like you're living a great kayaking life! But I am sorry to hear about your friends breaking up, especially when you and your DH spend so much time with them. It'll be a hard adjustment, particularly when they begin dating others, but you are so even-handed and loving, I know you can support them well and things will go on. I thought about you last evening and woke up with you on my mind again today. It seems very sad to lose the future good times you shared with those two. ((((HUGS))))))

MaryAnn~Love the pics. I had looked on your page when you joined us and it appeared you might be having WAY too much fun at this motorcycle thing! lol.

Well, I better get my tail in gear. I have to take dad to 2 docs today and who knows what they have in store for him. He's a little grumpy not knowing, so I'll run interference with the receptionists----if you know what I mean.

Make it a great day! Check in with your inspirations!

******QOD: What's you favorite inspirational quote?

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NHSuzanne: We posted at the same time. Have you ever tried Swy Flotter, made by Kiss My Face? It repels almst ANYTHING! It's wonderful! You can get it at Type in "Swy Flotter" in the search box and it'll pop up. Kiss My Face also makes a fantastic spray-on sun screen. Love it! Have a good one! Your glass of wine and pasture viewing experience sounds so peaceful!

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QOD: Carpe Diem

BJ, we are driving cross-country in a small RV with our friends (who don't fly!) and heading out of San Francisco on a cruise to Alaska! Thought I told you, but maybe not. We'll be gone almost 4 weeks. YeeeeHaw

DFIL has good days and bad days. We're still hopeful that this latest round of chemo will help a bit, but not sure. I want DH to take his daughters to see their grandfather before he looks too drastically different. Now is the time, and SIL has also suggested it.

Make today ocunt!! Hug your loved ones!

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Dee - Yes, the ones you met in NJ - it is breaking my heart. I just had a long discussion with DH, because it is going to be awkward in the beginning. I will probably see her tomorrow - I can't wait to give her a big hug. I wanna go across country with you and an Alaskan cruise is the only one that I really want to go on - so I am very jealous right now. Are you renting the RV? We have thought of doing that many times.

BJ - glad you finally caught up with your parents - sounds like something that would happen to me LOL. Thanks for the hug - it felt good.

MaryAnn - I am going to go see the photos now. Sounds like you are a very adventurous family.

QOD - well maybe not a real inspirational quote and no famous philospher is attributed with saying it, but I have to say - "LIFE IS GOOD". Or maybe I should quote our own motivational speaker DeeMarie and say "Never, never give up". LOL

Yes, I am having too much fun right now and the best part is that I'm not guilty about it - so "Life really is good".

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The quote that keeps me going is:

"Remain independent of any source of income that will deprive you of your personal liberties."

That keeps me

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Good FRIDAY morning!

[[[[[[[[[[[[Raeanne & Rich]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Raeanne, my friends (who don't fly) bought themselves a small RV. It has 2 sofas, a tiny kitchen, and a bathroom...about the size of a work van. We don't sleep in it; we stay at hotels each night! LOL! It's just very comfortable and has 2 DVD's, etc. (The bathroom is a real plus!!!)

QOD: Weekend plans? I'm going to attend a 30th birthday party tomorrow. Complete surprise for the birthday girl. I'm helping my friend (her mom) with the cooking tonight. Sunday will be spent visiting DFIL and packing for our trip next week!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie: That sounds like a fun trip! I'd love it! Let us know which cities you're hitting in Alaska!

Well, I'm headed out for a day of food! Breakky with my parents and one of my best gal pals, then I'm headed to a mother-daughter lunch today at the school. Then I think I'm going to attempt to make seared scallops in apple cider sauce for dinner. After that, I'm taking the teens and their friends to the "House of Wax" movie. They need someone over 19 to get them in - that would be

Saturday, I'm driving everyone (parents and kids) to Salem, OR to visit my niece's 1 yr old darling baby. We haven't had the opportunity to meet him, so we're taking a day trip to cover that. It's about 4 hours down and another 4 back, so I'll be tired by the end of day then!

Sunday, I'm taking Mom and the kids to the nursery to buy 1500 lady bugs to let loose in the yard. So much fun! Then we'll all plant the sweet peas we've sprouted and whatever we fancied at the nursery and bought!

Yesterday, it was doc appts all day for Dad and more of the same Monday, then visiting their friends here on Tuesday. Whew! I think I'm busier driving my parents to all of their things than I am with my kiddles! They take off on Wednesday. And I'll be ready for meditation, the tan bed, and a huge triple shot, non-fat, skinny latte for sure!

((((((((RAEANNE))))))))))) Hope things can stay nice between your friends, but sometimes there are a few bumps in the road. Hang in there. Your life, though, sounds wonderful. And you deserve it, girlfriend. You are one of the most giving. loving people I know.

NHSuzanne~ Does the weather look like it'll cooperate for a ride this weekend? I'm ready for a riding story!

MaryAnn~ The poker runs are so much fun! We used to do them when I was flying airplanes. The cards would be at the airport fixed base operation counter and we'd sure get lots of take-offs and landings in on those days!!!!!!

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Good Friday Morning All,

BJ, wow, I am tired just thinking about what you are doing this weekend. Hope you get to take a few minutes for yourself at some point! I LOVE lady bugs. About 10 years ago here in NH the Dept of Fish and Game started a program to revive the lady bug population here. It was a smashing success but so much so, that people started complaining about all the lady bugs taking refuge in thier homes for a short while in the fall! You can't win. They are still going strong in spite of the complaints.

They are talking about more rain this weekend but it looks like we will be able to squeeze a few rides in here and there. I don't know about horse stories yet though it's still so buggy in the woods that I am steering clear! You all will be some of the first to hear about it though!

QOD: I have so many inpirational quotes that I like and recite to myself but one of my favorites is: Live simply so that others may simply live. Also, live and let live. They help keep me in check when I think I have the right to judge others......

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"Be the change you wish to see in the world..." ~Gandhi

Love it.

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QOD -nothing exciting planned here - but I will figure something out. My friend in need is coming this afternoon, so I will probably try to spend a lot of time with her and try to get her to smile. We are getting rain this weekend too, but it doesn't sound too bad.

I had a dream 2 nights ago and the numbers 49 and 490 were involved, so I tell my DH I should play those numbers. So I boxed it and after Jeopardy they announce the numbers. We hear "the first number is 4"......"the second number is 9"..... and the 3rd number is .......5", so close, yet so far.

I have been having a lot of strange dreams lately and last night was no exception. I had a dream that an employee at an airport ripped up my ticket to Barbados - very long - so I will spare you the details - but he ultimately saved my life. When I woke up I realized that this man looked very familiar and then came to realize that he is the G0d janitor on Joan of Arcadia. Very weird! But I took it as a sign that I was being looked over and that I have a good life - I do believe that is true. I have only seen that show a couple of times - I enjoy it, but am rarely around to watch it.

NH Suzanne - I am in need of some Horse 'Tales' too LOL. We are just getting those darn black flies around here.

BJ - Once again, I am exhausted just reading your post LOL.

DeeMarie - The RV will certainly help save time with no "potty stops". Sounds like a blast - thanks for the hug!

The phone hasn't stopped ringing since I started this post, so I better get busy.

Have a great weekend.

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I'm rushing through today, but trying to read everything

QOD: I have many, but one is "Now is the moment of power" from hawaiian shaman training.

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Actually, before that, my favorite was always the "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," but the trouble is that when you try to apply that, it can get kind of complicated. It's a good intention, though. Ultimately, I believe that what hurts one, hurts all, so it's as practical as it is altruistic.

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Down another 3/4# at WW today. Woopee!!! I honestly thought I gained a couple after the week that I have had, so I am grateful that it is a loss! I'll take it.

This has been one of the most stressful weeks DH and I have both had in a long time. I won't go into great detail, but the worst of it is that Zoe (my DD, darling dog) has to have surgery on her leg to repair a torn cartilidge type thing). It is expensive, but what are you going to do? She is a member of our family (that does not have health insurance, LOL) so we will take care of her. It just seems like this kind of thing has been happening to us alot lately. Can't seem to get ahead and feeling kind of in a funk. Raeanne, what do I do about this? Seriously.

Other incidents this week: 1. Major blow out with DS#1 on Mothers Day no less. It has since been resolved and lots of things that needed to come out in the open did, so that was good. 2. DH truck broke down and needed some major repair work. 3. DFIL is sick again. Although he is in a nursing home and being taken care of, it never seems like they do enough for him. He has been sicker since moving in there, then he has ever been. I know there are more germs flying around, but it is just frustrating. 4. Now I am sick. Have been feeling a cold coming on for about 1 week, well it is finally here!

I didn't mean to dump all of that on you guys, but I do feel better.

QOD: This weekend will consist of Lacrosse game and practice; cleaning; hopefully some gardening if the weather cooperates and maybe some me time. I am going for a long walk, since I only got to walk a few times this week and now my walking buddy (Zoe) is on complete rest for the next 3 months!

QOD: I don't have an inspiration quote. :-( When I get one, I will let you know.

Carpe diem!

Love, Besh

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(((((((HUGS, BESH!))))))

The sun will come out tomorrow---bet your bottom dollar!

And...CONGRATS on the 3/4 lb. loss!!!!!!! YAY!

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Besh - I sent you a long winded e-mail. Let me know if you don't get it.

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Just put my third load of laundry on. Slept till nearly 8:30 this morning - that felt weird - guess I needed it.

I know some of you grow your own herbs here. I posted a question on the herb forum, but maybe I can get some help here. I am helping a friend make a container garden of herbs this week and she would like to add some flowers to it, as it is her only garden. Are there any flowers that are better for this - like companion flowers or more importantly are there any flowers we should just plain avoid? It will probably be basil, tarragon, rosemary, parsley or cilantro and chives - which I think will be pretty enough, especially if she wants to add some lavender. But I guess she would like some color.

It's an overcast drizzly day here today - which will keep me out of the garden today. I love to go out there each day and see what else is trying to pop up - not that I have a big garden, but it has a lot of variety in it.

I watched "Finding Neverland" last night - that was so good, but I didn't expect it to be as sad as it was - that wouldn't keep me from watching it again though.

I have a ton of unfolded in a heap clean laundry in my room for the last week, I guess I will tend to some of it (not very ambitous today LOL)

BJ - I made a delicious garlicky mussels marinara last night and thought of you. I was impressed by how it came out - but not as good as the restaurant we went too.

I have added almonds to my SS, as I just feel they are too healthful and delicious to deny my body of. I take a handful each day, so far they haven't made me gain weight - but I have been maintaining (so I may have to adjust that). I do try to eat them on an empty stomach.

Have a great day!

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