Neighbor discharging sump water into our yard

wander74February 7, 2012

Our neighbor has been battling water in their basement since we moved here. They were pumping water into a dry well to the front of their house. They've decided this isn't working and decided to drain out the back. They installed a perforated pipe running along side of our property line (about 6 ft from the line) and is buried about 18 inches down. It immediately started flooding in our yard. We've asked them to divert the flow and they have refused, saying this was their only option. I haven't been able to talk to anyone at the township office who can help me (we are in southern NJ). Is this even legal? I'd like to not go that route as we do need to live next to each other and our children our friends.

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I'm not sure how I posted in this forum, I don't think this is where it belongs but am not sure how to move it.

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Where does the perforated pipe end drain? Does it drain into the street?

Directing water into your yard is not legal.

You could build a high berm and plant a rose garden. The berm would stop water from flowing into your yard and as far as I know it is legal, part of your landscaping. You could build a retaining wall along the property line. This would stop flow of water into your yard.

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That is a tough situation. I would look further into the township to do something. Putting something up temporary could help some.

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