termites at home!!!!! advice needed

chinamoonAugust 5, 2010

Hey guys,

I'm in the process of buying a home

This house was built around 1990 well, the termite inspector found signs of termites in the garage area.

Is this really bad?

should i still get this house?

I'm really concern about this issue, everything else is fine with the house.

Please send any advice.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Well, in these parts that's not unusual. It could involve major damage or it could be just a little bit. Is it old damge or are the termites active? Are they drywood termites or subterranean? Where are you located?

We would ask that the house/garage be treated (tenting is the common treatment here for drywood termites) and any termite damage be repaired.

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I would do as Monablair suggested. I would not rule out a property for minor damage, but I would not buy the property unless the current owner is willing to do the treatment and repair.

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Try looking at the FAQ on this site: www.cardillolaw.com under the Services tab and in the Sellers of Termite Damaged Property. This guy is a termite lawyer and you can also email him.

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