How to open up tv - Phillips Magnovax

akordestJune 5, 2005


I am experiencing problems with my tv turning on and off spontaneously and would like to know how I can open my Phillips Magnavox t.v. so I can analyze the inside. I have digital pictures of the body (exterior) of the t.v to show if that will help you to direct me to the correct location. Here is some info about my t.v.:

- 35"

- Model No. Ts3661 C129

- Serial No. 46208967

- Chassis Model No. 36k800 7591

Greatly appreciate if you can help me!


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Sorry friend, but if you are unable to remove the back, you will be unable to analyze the problem.

Unless the set is completely dead, there will be no visable damage to any parts. Unless a defective part is blown apart or burned up, it will look the same as a new part.

"IF" your symptom, as reported, is correct, then you have an intermittent connection on the main circuit board.

This would be a difficult problem to locate for an expert....


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Thanks for your follow up, Pee Wee.

Sorry, I was not specific in my original posting about what I need: How do I remove the back of the tv so I can see if there are any visible defects (where are the screws that open the back located?)

Because I could not find any screws on the tv, i could not open up the back of the tv. I was, however, able to find two sets of latches ( or, at least that's what I think it's called)at the bottom side of the tv which appears to be the part that opens up the tv -the link below (my yahoo website)has photos of the bottom and back side of my tv.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Magnavok Photos - back and bottom side

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The screws are on the back, not the bottom!!

I still think you should stay out of the tv, as you can't even find the screws, how do you expect to find any problem?


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sorry, I don't know.

I thought the first step in fixing the problem is to open the back and identify anything that looks faulty, even to a layman like me, and then report my findings, as well as the symptoms I am experiencing, so, hopefully, experts would have enough info to help me fix the problem.
The reason for this is I did some analysis on some of the postings and follow ups people made on this site, and it appeared most of them started by opening up the back.

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