looking for good small LCD tv

jennJune 9, 2007

OK, forget about the cheap 15" TV. :-)

Can anyone recommend a good LCD TV around 15-19"? It will probably be mounted on the wall to watch while we use the treadmill, but also for other occasional viewing. Budget about $300.



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time to move down

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Why? Let it stay up there so others can see it... it will move down on its own.

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I'd check out Sharp or Toshiba. I would avoid the no-names and the brands-in-name-only (Polaroid, Sylvania, etc.).

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We have 3 LCD flat screens. One is a a Sony, which is very clear, but I hate the remote. The one in my bedroom and exercise room are both Sharps. I love my sharp in my exercise room because it has such a user friendly remote.(nice when on the treadmill). Good picture, good sound, fairly good price.

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I didn't mention this, but we first bought a polaroid thinking we would save some money on the bedroom tv, about a $3-400 difference. We took the Polaroid back and replaced it with the Sharp Aquous. I love that Sharp. The picture is not as clear as the Sony in the family room, but you wouldn't know that unless you had them sitting side by side. I still love the sharp's remote too!

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