Will the presence of solar panels really help cool my house?

robinwiseJanuary 18, 2006

My husband says that the shade from a solar panel installed on a roof will help to cool our (uninsulated) top floor. Is he right?

I think the only thing that the top floor has going for it is that, regardless of the fact that it's there's a lot of western frontage, the room instelf along that western edge is one long room with two windows; there's no wall to contend with for the airflow and I believe that the breeze alone will help to keep it cool by keeping the hot air moving. But only if that door is open!

Loooking forward to your reply,


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If you've ever been on a roof on a sunny day or in the attic; you'll know it gets awfully hot. Even overcast days it can get pretty unbearable.

Solar panels, or most anything that's not clear for that matter; will help tremendously by simply deflecting or absorbing heat instead of letting it heat your roof up.

I'm a big fan of solar power . . I've got a 2.8 kW sytem installed here . . . but they're an expensive way to keep things cooler. If you wanna do solar ( either PV or heat ) then great; a roof can be a good place to put that stuff; depending upon your climate / snowfall. If you're just trying to keep the place somewhat cooler; blow cellulose in the attic, and put on a metal roof instead of the usual shingles. You'll get more cooling bang for your buck . . . .


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