Unlimited energy

venkata64January 1, 2010

Hai! Why do you want to depend on power companies and go mad when they rip you off. There are several ways to escape from it and at the same time get the satisfaction of saving earth from pollution.

Visit: http://www.allscienceonline.com/your_energy.html

Know many other scientific facts at:


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OK Venkata, I'll bite. Why get ripped off by the power companies when I can get ripped off by an Australian snake oil salesman. I went to the magniwork generator site, and they don't tell you anything at all which would indicate their generator works as advertised. They even use the term "perpetual motion" in their teaser line.

Do you really believe that the "big companies" as they call them would want to keep a lid on such a machine? Anybody who can make a machine which makes free electricity will overnight become a "big company."

This is crap.

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Hello! Stan,
Thanks for going through it. There are also other ways to avoid being ripped off by power companies. Hope you can find answers at:

(To learn installation of solar panels and generate your own energy)

Also, did you try,

Hope you find some useful information there.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.allscienceonline.com

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Can you say 'Joseph Newman'? Venkata, go take a class in physics. Magnetism is not 'energy', it's a force. Two different things.

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