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deemarie5500May 23, 2011

Rise and shine, ladies!!!

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Here is my "Relaxing Ritual" for today:

"VENT! Get it all out! When you keep stressors bottled up, they have a way of getting built up in your mind. Talk to an objective friend who can help you see that things may not really be as bad as they may seem at the moment. Get a group of friends together on a regular basis, just to let off steam. If you need more privacy while venting, there's always cussing in the car and shower, or typing out angry thoughts and letters that you will never send. Listening to other people vent can also have a cathartic effect."

Need an excuse to vent this week? I've given you all permission.

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DeeMarie~ Ya know, sometimes you just need permission!

I think women don't vent enough, because they are compassionate and think there is always someone worse off, so they feel bad about complaining...

Here's my vent:

When I complain or vent to my DH, he says, "You're always so negative." That bugs me. I just want him to LISTEN and agree! lol.

This rock is a very hard place for women to live. I hear it over and over again - from women. I really thought I could live anywhere - until I lived here.

Okay, I'm done.

It's Monday and I stepped on the scale. I am going on a diet...again. So far, I am doing REALLY WELL, a 1/2 hour into my work day...

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Hi all!

Whoooo, Dee, You may have opened Pandora's box with me and venting. lol!! Mine is the same ol' same ol'. MIL is an evil, self-centered git, and DH is blind. Nothing's different. She verbally attacked me this weekend, and then gave Rog a different version of the story, and painted me as the villian--now did anyone see **that** coming?! :) I'm so over her and this mess she's in. I'm over DH as well. Take that statement anyway you want, becasue I'm not sure just how I feel anymore.

I could use some advice in this situation--Memorial Day is planned for MILs, and after yesterday, and her lies, I don't want to go. Period. I told him this, and he says that I should go, becasue if I don't, I'll just make things "worse". (I didn't drag him into the middle of this; I didn't mention it. She brought it up to him when I left to go to the store, and he told me later--and she left out the parts where she was nasty to me.) I'm tired of being unhappy at her place, and I don't particulary care for being lied about, I'm an adult, so why should I be made to feel guilty if I don't go?

Anyhoo--enought about that bat-poo crazy old bat.

Things are good here--if you take out the drama--the summer seesion is getting ready to start, and I'm nervous about it. It will be good to see everyone again. (Although, a lot of people flunked out, and I'll miss them. Classes won't be the same-)

Hoope all is well!



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Maddie, If I was you, I'd stay with him until you're finished with school and have a good job, then divorce the WHOLE family.

You'll probably meet some nice, really old guy and get a job as a private caregiver. Then the guy will die and leave you a fortune, a huge mansion, and you'll be set - after you battle his kids in court for years for it.

ROCK ON, Sistah! And don't ever let anyone treat you badly. You're way too good a person for that!

Make things worse by not going? How much worse can they get??? Sheesh! I'd go anyway and be really sweet, then if you make it through the day, buy yourself something REALLY nice as a REWARD! You deserve it! Just remember the REWARD as the day ticks by...

My diet is still going really well...1 -1/2 hours into the day. I am down to a size 8 - on the Richter Scale - lol.

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BJ & Maddie --- THAT'S THE SPIRIT!!!!!
Love yous guys! (in my best Jersey accent)

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DeeMarie: We wanna make ya proud!

Big salad with 1/2 a pear and some light dressing for lunch. I just want to have a ONE day success to start.

*Squeezing eyes shut, wishing, wishing, WISHING!*

My quote for the day is:

"Anything with mayonaise-based dressing should NEVER be called a salad!"

So true!

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Yaaaaay! We're back on diets again - let's giver sh*t I say! As for mayonnaise dressings or creamy dressings...I cheat. I "milk them down" or thin them out with low fat milk. Or you can water them down - you still get the flavour.

BJ just do it! One moment, one hour. If you fall, dust yourself off and just do it again. One foot in front of the other. You go girl!

Maddie - keep on with your school. I kinda agree if you can tough it out to finish school. It will give you more "planning" time. I don't know your financial situation but if you can start penny pinching a bit here, a wee bit there into a private account for yourself do it. Even if it's one dollar. Get an account that you don't pay a lot for, a savings account that's really meant for putting money by. Forget receiving bank statements at home - do the statements on internet banking or something. I can't offer any advice on visiting people you don't like who hurt you. I'm still learning to say no myself to people who are toxic. Toxic relationships are a killer in so many ways. I'm in no position to advise on what to do with your MIL and DH. I just want you to know that I care and have lots of hugs available whenever you want or need them. Look after yourself.

DeeMarie venting is healthy. I do that with my "soul sista" through emails since moving. You'd think we were attached some days. I'm still learning to get things off my chest and move on rather then let things stew. It's a bad habit. I agree women in our western culture really swallow a lot of BS in life to keep families happy. We have to get it off our chest sooner or later. Otherwise the later can be stress related illnesses which I've seen/experienced as well as my mother. I was taught by my mother if you're going to vent might as well burn up the energy and get it right out of your system. It's amazing how many irritating house chores you can kill when pissed. Remember the Mr. Clean white tornado commercials? That's me on a bad day. On a good day it's the "do a bit, sit...do a bit, sit" routine. I learned that from my Mom. No wonder she burnt out.

This week I have continued to maintain. My challenge has become more mental than physical. This darn weather is getting to me. Got outside today to do some work outside only to accomplish a few things before the wind started really picking up prior to hard rain. I'm very grateful I had the brains to stock up on eye solution. I go through lots of that in the garden season with dirt, along with keeping my tetanus shot up to date. I'm feeling more tired/LAZY with frustration. The only solace today with the wind was no blackfly, no deerfly, no mosquitos. The dragonflies are out now - finally and they were having a tough time of it all. Hooray for dragonflies!

I have found something to amuse myself with - watching "Green Acres" online from the beginning. It's helping me to lighten up again. The good ol' days when a 1/2 hour TV show was actually 28 minutes of TV show. I'm also thinking of starting to watch "The Wild Wild West" online too. Simple entertainment.

Hugs to everyone that wants, needs or doesn't see me sneaking up on them to hug them anyway! LOL to everyone.

Let's just shake it all up and boogie those blues away. We can take turns venting it all out, play some great tunes or movies. Right on with the venting.

Early days! We can do it - face our demons.

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Good Tuesday all,

Dee, I am glad you are posting the relaxing rituals! Seems we all can find wisdom in them.

Maddie, what BJ said! Go and kill them all with kindness. Don't let them think for one minute that they are getting to you. You know what your MIL is...a liar among other things. You know, keep your enemies close! Sounds like Rog and mommy are feeling threatened by your successes! Too bad, isn't it?
Hold strong and don't let anyone in your space so far that they ruin your day. Unfortunately, if you ignore it it won't go away! LOL

As I write there is a male Ruby Throated Hummingbird at the window box outside my office window. Such an amazing and exquisite jewel of a bird.

Okay, what's wrong with a little mayo? I make my own using the yolk of my own hen's eggs, organic evoo, fresh lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne, and salt and pepper. All those things are good for you. Yes, calories but good fat and good for you. You should see the color of my mayo too. It's a bright orangy yellow from those lovely eggs.

I have been on FB for about a month now. I have to say that this forum is far superior in terms of really sharing and venting! There is alot of nonsense along with the good stuff but I could not share some of things there that I would here.

Love you all!!

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Hi Guys!

Well, I made it through the first day pretty well. I am really happy with myself. Today, I got up and packed my salad for the day, lettuce, fruit, and an ounce and a half of shredded cheese - gottta have some fat or I STARVE. I got out the coffee pot and made coffee and added some diet creamy-flavored macchiato stuff. I decided I'm making my own coffee now. If I am going to complain about the price per gallon of gas, I have to stop buying $3.50 16-ounce fancy coffees, right? How much are THOSE per gallon??? lol.

My DD arrives on Wednesday for her summer job of camp counselor. She stays in beautiful shape, so on nice days, I am going to ask her to force me to walk the 2+ miles to work ---take away my truck keys? -- and when I get off work, I'll start walking and she can pick me up off the road on her way home! Forced marches for me!

DD is graduating from college next year and I want to be in better shape for the pictures -- and for myself! This island makes people FAT. How's that for the blame game? haha.

Peg: Green Acres is a kick! Loved it when it was on! And I hear you about the weather - it is really cold here! And cloudy - NOT a vacation destination right now!


NhSuzanne: I have to get your recipe for Mayo! PUBLISH! I meant it's not good when there are globs of it, like in potato salad, coleslaw, and macaroni salad!

Speaking of homemade recipes: Here's a funny one I heard:
"Saying you're a good cook after following a recipe is like saying you're a good capenter after putting together IKEA furniture." (I laughed.)

FB is good for casual catch-up, and class reunions -but NOTHING beats this group...I would never post on FB the things I post here...among sisters brother John. And the fact IS that this is ALWAYS "home" to me...safe, comforting, and a warm blanket of love.

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I just figured out that when I was buying fancy coffee at $3.50 for 16 ounces, that equals $28.00 per gallon of my fancy coffee drinks.

I'm having a heart attack... RIGHT.NOW. over those prices. GAK!...oh!

But, on the BRIGHT side: WOW!That means gasoline is a real STEAL at 5 bucks a gallon! :-)

I wonder what bottled water costs per gallon...well, at least I don't drink bottled water!

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Happy Tuesday!

Maddie, I would go to the party. When my stepdaughter was having problems with my MIL (her grandmother), I begged her to come to holidays just for her father's sake. I told her when her grandmother made stupid comments (lots of those!), that she was to immediately get up from the conversation, smile, and say she was going to get another soda, go to the bathroom...whatever. She was then to leave the room, find someone else to talk to, and not return until good-byes were said. It worked out well. Today they have a good relationship.

Here is today's Relaxation Ritual:

"A DRINK A DAY -- Caffeine has been suspected of causing tension, so establish a healthier alternative to that daily dose of Joe by choosing another ritualistic beverage. Try starting or ending your day with fresh squeezed orange juice, a smoothie, or liquid vitamins. Consumption of vitamins such as B6 and B12 can help with stress reduction. And don't forget that healthy glass of fresh water eight times a day!"

Suzanne, I must thank you again for this handy deck of cards. My stress is reduced when I pick them up and read through one of them. Love it!

My blood pressure is still so much lower since I've been on the CPAP machine. I am sure that I will no longer be forced to endure more medication, and perhaps can get off more of them in the future. Time and patience will tell the story there.

Have a lovely evening, sisters!

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Hi, everyone.

Maddie, I so feel your pain re: MIL. Mine is the original step-mother-in-law from Hell. I know when my husband died and made it to heaven, his mother's first words were "What was your father thinking?!!"

I have always served as the buffer, because my husband couldn't bear to talk with her. She is a self-centered, greedy, obsessed with money, name-dropping, gold-digger. I have endured her boring conversations, always about her, for years. Her own sons have refused to talk to her for long periods of time, she's that annoying. Since my husband died, she has been very paranoid that his brother is going to try to take everything from her. Their dad is in the VA with Alzheimer's (or so he says, I think he's just hiding from her!)

Anyhow, I caught her in a lie and confronted her with it today. She went nuts and started screaming, then yelled, "Listen to me, woman!" Well, of course, I didn't, I just hung up. It felt so liberating, I literally started shaking. I know my husband is turning flips in his urn, thinking what the heck took me so long.

Of course, this probably means I am out of the will, but it's worth every penny I would have possibly received not to ever have anything to do with her again.

Life is too short to spend with mean-spirited people. If there is a God, she will reap her just rewards one day, although I have trouble understanding why God took my sweet husband and left her to create turmoil.

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OMG Jan, I have not been on here in so long and just read your post. I am so, so sorry about your husband. I had no idea. Please except my condolences. I know you both put up a good fight to that awful disease. How are you doing? oxoxoxoxoxox

I have had kind of a whirlwind couple of months. My son and daughter in law have moved back from VA and are staying with us for a while until they get settled. Along with them came their 2 Maine Coon cats. I am so happy to have my family together, I can't tell you. They both have jobs already and things are going well for them.

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago. She will be having surgery next week, but the prognosis is very good. Early detection.

Did you all get together for the Girlfriends Weekend with Raeanne? If you did....I need pictures!

I will have to try and catch up with everybody. I agree with Suzanne. FB is kind of fun, but most of it is just jibberish. I will stop by here much more often.

Anyone watching Idol? My vote is for Lauren, since my girl went home last week.

Love, Besh

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Jan, I went back through the threads and read the post about your dear husband. What an eloquent piece of writing that was. I am so sorry that you lost him through cancer. ((((HUGS))) Reading your post today and seeing what a strong person you are just made me smile. Rock on, lady!

Amy, HUGS to you, too. I know how much of companion Heather was to you. You are such a wonderful pet owner.

Ivamae: Just want you to know that we are all pulling for you and hoping your treaments are becoming easier. The countdown is appreciated! Streaming light your way...

DeeMarie: LOVE your inspirational cards!!!

BESH!!!! So good to see you here! You sound happy again! Having your kids around does that! :-)

(((((((((((BIG HUGE VIRTUAL GROUP HUG!!!)))))))))))))

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Jan, my DH and I were talking about a not-so-nice person last week. I started lamenting about why my mom, dad, and dear friend died so young, and mean people were here to torment us. DH said "if you were God, who would rather have up in Heaven with you?" Makes you smile, huh??

Besh, a photo was posted last week on Monday. Also, if you visit Raeanne's FB page, there may be other photos. If not, e:mail me.....we all agreed that we are going to drag you there next year, along with Donna, Marci, and anyone close enough or with the will to get there. We had a blast!!!

Amy, thinking of you this week.

I found a way to see some data from my cpap machine, and it appears I'm doing well...no perfect night's sleep yet, but who has those?? Appointments today with pulmonologist and cardiologist.

Relaxation Ritual for Wednesday:

"TOTAL DISTRACTION Sometimes you just need to get away from yourself and your thoughts. Distractions such as loud music, traffic, and the frantic pace of a shopping mall can often provide such an escape. Lose yourself in the crowd at a deafening rock concert or simply choose a spot in a shopping plaza to people-watch. In Breakfast-at-Tiffany's, Holly Golightly would go to Tiffany's department store when life beat her down because 'nothing bad could ever happen in a place like this'. Is there any public space that provides this kind of safe escape for you?"

Make today count, ladies!

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I just went back and read through some of the threads quickly.

Jan, what sweet words you wrote about Bobby and his battle. He was a lucky man to live surrounded by so much love. Stay strong and take care of yourself. You have a wonderful support system. ox

Ivamae, I continue to keep you in my prayers. oxox

Marci, I didn't know you were retiring this year! Wow, congratulations. I am sure it is bittersweet.

Amy, so sorry about Heather. A pet is a family member. So hard to say goodbye. We lost our dear sweet Zoe in March and I miss her everyday. oxox

Hey Miss Maddie, CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! One semester down and you rocked it. Keep up the great work!

BJ, thanks for sending the pictures of that cutie!

Tikanis, how are you feeling?? Sorry to read of your fall.

Saw the Girlfriends picture in a previous thread. You three look fantastic! I am sure there are stories!!!!

Peggy, there is nothing like those old TV shows. They don't make them like that any more. I used to love Green Acres. Remember Petticoat Junction? "and there's Uncle Joe, he's moving kinda slow at the junction"!

I'm down 24.8# doing WW!!!!! My weigh in is today, so hopefully I can make that at least 25#! It is slow going, but that is fine, at least the scales are going down! I like the new program, it has been pretty painless.

Today is my day off, so I need to make the most of it and get moving. It is so nice to catch up with everybody. I am sure there are some that I have missed and I apologize. I will stay in touch!

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Hey Besh! I'm so glad to see you back! It's taken me some time but this year using WW I've done 20# since mid-Dec. My real challenge is making lifestyle changes to keep this healthy weight at long last. I enjoy my moments but also know how to recover from them so I can have my cake and eat it too...that means cut a slice, slice the rest into reasonable portions and freeze them right away. Once hard - bury them deep in the freezer, real deep. Or invite friends over to eat the cake with you, leaving no prisoners. My absolute weak kneed item is home made cookies. I make great ones or have made great ones. I don't bake cookies hardly at all anymore since I have been known to eat half the cookie dough alone and then polish off the cookies with a hot cuppa tea or coffee. Might as well just slap the dough around my waist. I know keep frozen fruit in my freezer. When we pop out I'm getting vanilla icecream to go with the fruit. One proper scoop size is just enough with a small serving of mixed fruit to enjoy. When I start slipping I start counting my points again and journaling so I don't forget what I previously ate or pretend I didn't eat as much crappy choices.

Petticoat Junction I think is online too. DH mentioned it when I said I'm watching Green Acres again - that show is sooooo funny. And it's relaxing to watch the old shows.

So we're getting ourselves back on the diet tracks again - spring must truly be here now.

Jan you go girl! Toxic relationships are just that. Toxic. Who needs them. I'm glad you are taking a stand. It's your life, not hers. I continue to gain strength by standing up for myself more now, even if in small ways. Toxic people I'm learning to hold an imaginary mirror up infront of me. They are really screwed up inside - their behaviour is a reflection of their own pain. I believe toxic people are in spiritual/mental pain in life. At least that's how I deal with it. My choice or armour to deal with them now is my mental mirror. They can't physically hurt me. Mentally only if I let them. I'm still working on this one myself but progress is being made. Always keep a mirror handy. LOL

It's 9am - weather is behaving - time for me to get working on my new garden beds. Still hauling stones for the rock garden in progress, digging and raking out grass/weeds/roots. Bouncing between flower beds and veggie beds. Dragging out my plants I've started indoors over the winter. Some have kinda been pushed out into the garden with cover fabric on the delicate ones.

Gotta get moving. Need to work off last nights bowl of cereal before bed. Finished my one coffee (I've cut back) and now on water for the day. Not a fan of pop drinks at all.

((((((((((((((((Virtual Hug to All))))))))))))))))))))))

Let's pass this one - I like this too!


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Hi Guys!

Tikankis: Hope you are recovering fromm your fall....that did sounds bad! CHECK IN, girly!

CONGRATS, Besh and Peg!!!!! I am SO IMPRESSED!!! I am plugging along at my one-day-at-a-time modified food plan. This is the first day I've felt like exercising, so I'll go take a short walk to start my day...in a minute.

Besh: Glad you got the pictures of my baby Princess! Adorable, isn't she?

Sorry I can't post baby pics here for privacy reasons (for them), but anyone can email me who wants a peek. Just click on my GardenWeb name and it will take you to a email link.

DeeMarie: Where is your distraction place? Mine is the beach and we have A LOT of it. It's kind of crazy living on an island. It is so small and the beach is ALWAYS there...so we should visit it more often! :-)

Marci: Would love to hear how the last days (daze? - lol) of school are going. And what you are planning to do with your new-found freedom!

Okay, I'd better get that walk in before the motivation disappears!

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Good Wednesday all,

I just got back from a glorious morning ride on Casey! Dee, my escape are a ride in the woods or just sitting in the barn playing with all the critters.

BJ, thanks for sending photos or your baby princess. How sweet and how lucky she is to have you in her life.

Besh, I am sorry to hear about your sister. Is this the one with horses? Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. A photo of Raeanne, Dee Marie, and me is posted at last week's thread.

Jan, it's good to see you posting and venting! It's good for you and we love hearing from you. We don't worry so much.

Iva Mae, I hope you are doing well. Will continue healing thoughts and prayers for you.

Tikanis, check in when you can. So sorry you got hurt so badly.

Peggy congrats on your #20 gone!

Marci I cannot wait until you start posting here. I won't be long will it?

BJ: Mayonaise

2 large fresh egg yolks from happy chickens only!!!
3 Tbs. lemon juice
1-2 tsp. Dijon mustard
1/4 tsp. salt
pinch of white pepper
big pinch of cayenne pepper
1 cup light extra virgin olive oil

I put the yolks, lemon juice, salt, and pepper into my mixing bowl and whisked until smooth and light. I then whisk the oil, a few drops at a time, into the mixture. I made sure the mixture was smooth and well integrated before pouring the next few drops of oil. The whisking will suspend the oil into the yolk mixture and adding the oil a little at a time will keep the mixture in a state of emulsion - which is what you want.

After about 1/3 cup of oil has been whisked in, you can speed up the pouring a bit. Make sure the mixture is back in emulsion before pouring any more oil. Once all the oil has been whisked in, you have mayonnaise. Add Dijon mustard, salt and black pepper, and cayenne. All to taste.

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BJ, my 'distraction' place lately is some free games we get on our cable. You can play house-to-house, and it's fun for me to beat someone dude named "terminator" or whatever in Bejeweled2!! I am known as "The Italian Chickie" LOL!

Raeanne, did you see The Real Housewives of NJ? Give me a break already! What a bunch of whiners....Melissa? Joe??? but I won't stop watching. LOL!

Suzanne, how long does your mayo last in the fridge? I won't have access to fresh yolks, but I can run over to Trader Joe's and get something better than supermarket.

Speaking of the Girlfriend's Getaway, I am still laughing over one of Raeanne's friends' description of a peanut butter and butter on a roll. We were dying over her descriptions of running out in PJs to get one of these at a local deli at 5am. HILARIOUS!!!!

Gotta run...

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So good to see so many posts.

Besh - there are stories, but I was smart and invited a friend that made us look very harmless LOL. I am so sorry to hear about your sister, but relieved that the prognosis is positive. Sending my thoughts and prayers.

The Italian Chickie - The pb and butter roll is nothing compared to most of her stories LOL. She should write a book. I did watch the Housewives, sometimes I have to rewind and listen again, because I can't believe what I hear.

BJ - what a bundle of sweetness.

Peg - Congrats.

Maddie - I think you should do whatever makes you happy. If you decide to suck it up and go, put on a happy face and drive them crazy.

Jan - I am glad you are coming here and sharing with us and glad to see you have kept your sense of humor with dealing with MIL from he11 - bet Bobby is proud of you.

I am still working on the Girlfriends weekend paperwork, etc. I need to send a report to the county and then meet with the Sagamore to set up a date for next year!!! Where I expect to see more of you LOL.

It finally stopped raining here, but we have the threat of thundershowers later. Better get in the garden while I can.

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NHSuzanne: YUMMERS, as HappyTo used to say! I'm going to try it this weekend for my Memorial Weekend cookout! Thanks!

Besh: BEST wishes for your sister. Just had this happen with a good friend. Early detection saved her!

DeeMarie: Italian Chickie? I guess I could be the Wild Chickie...lol.

For Friday:

Our little Island is going to be SO busy - they added an extra ferry run for the weekend. I'm shopping BEFORE the crowds get here.

It's *CHECK IN* Friday tomorrow!

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Thanks for the good wishes and inquiries.

Three more treatments to go - 27 finished. They have gone well and I'm still driving myself. The skin is very, very red and tender. They thought it might break out in one place but so far it hasn't. I understand that the radiation keeps working for a week or even two after the treatments stop and that the skin will continue to worsen during that time. Anyway it is a small price to pay for success and that of course is what we are hoping for and what we strongly feel will be.

All my best to everyone. All of us need the support of each other. You all have mine.

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Well, I made it! Last night was my final graduation with the preschool that has been part of me for the last 19 years. The parents had a surprise retirement party for me on Monday and I was overwhelmed to the point of tears. I received cards, letters and gifts from every single student. I couldn't have asked for a better ending to a great run.

My issues have never been with the parents or the students, but with the board who runs the school. I am trying to learn to let go of my anger and resentment. So many people told me that they weren't bringing their child back or registering their younger child since I wasn't going to be there. I don't want to see the preschool fold, so I hope that the new staff takes over and continues to honor the legacy we have left and that parents who do stay are happy. (Okay, maybe a small part of me wants it to fail without me-lol)

I have been trying to read and keep up with everyone's trials and tribulations and I am amazed at the resilience, humor and friendships that make up this board. What an amazing group of women (and John)! I have missed it and it feels good to have time to check!

I have vowed to make a fresh start with exercise and healthy eating now that I have time on my hands. Today DH and I planted all the beautiful flowers I got from the kids. DS is coming home tomorrow and bringing his girlfriend to meet "the parents". So I will be cleaning and shopping tomorrow. Then I will start to get ready for a two week trip to Florida. I am not ready for shorts let alone a bathing suit. YIKES!

Off to drink some water.


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Good Friday all!

The weekend is upon us.

Iva Mae, you are one brave soul! Is there anything you can use to help the tenderness? Wishing you the best.

Marci, good to hear you had such a nice ending to your 19 years there. How could anyone not love you!

BJ, what are you going to do with the mayo? It should keep for a month or so. Caution however you will never go back to store bought. You can make this in a blender but I prefer to do it by hand.

This weekend Casey and I are going to a two day clinic on natural horsemanship - relationship building. It should be fun. Monday I am going to finish my planting including my vegetable garden. It felt like it would never be warm enough to plant but finally it's beginning to get warm.

What is everyone else up to?

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Marci, I have missed you here, and so glad that you are in a better place. Please look over our posts on the Girlfriend Getaway here and on FB. We would love for you to join us next year!!! Looking forward to giving you a REAL hug.

Ivamae, you are strong, brave, and have a wonderful attitude. I'm proud of you, and pray for you. Hold that head up high!

QOD: We are heading off tomorrow for a week in our home in NC. Looking forward to being away from the office and chilling with my DH, sister, and DBIL.

Suzanne, I'm going to make that mayo when I return, and use it in salads for a healthier alternative.

Peg, where do you get all your energy?? I could use some of that, along with your will power.

Besh, stay with us here. You were missed.

BJ, loved the pic of that bundle of joy!

Donna, where are you?


Relaxation Ritual will appear later....

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Relaxation Ritual for today:

"LET YOUR CARES FLY AWAY -- Write down your troubles on pieces of paper. Fold them into paper airplanes and send them flying! The farther the plane goes, the farther away your stress flies. Try this activity in the privacy of your own office, or get a group of colleagues together and create a virtual airport. The more complicated your problems, the more complex the airplane needs to be, so you may need to find a book on how to fold increasingly elaborate paper airplanes."

Enjoy your weekend!

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Marci: I am so glad you popped in! We'll miss hearing teh stories of school, but I, for one, am so glad your days will be board-stress-free! Every plant will remind you of those kids! How cool! Florida for 2 WEEKS? I JEALOUS. :-)

Ivamae: Wow! You're still driving yourself? That is great! Take naps and be open to people helping you! I am SO HAPPY your treatment is going well. (((((HUGS))))

NHSuzanne: I am going to use the mayo in the stuff I'm grilling up! I do not have a blender (my kids broke the glass canister to it) and I don't have a mixer (mine broke and they don't sell them on the island), so I'll get the exercise of hand whisking!

Glad to hear you're going to have a Natural Horsemanship weekend. Almost the entire island here operates on Natural Horsemanship principles. They sometimes have presentations for the public at the fairgrounds and it is amazing.

Peg: Sending SUN RAYS your way!

DeeMarie: Have fun in NC!!! I'd love to see my family sometime! None of them have visited since I moved here. My family is all going to get together in at village river Alaska to spread my Dad's ashes in July, so I lokking forward to seeing them then!

I am taking you up on the airplane-making! I am going to fly mine into the barbeque fire this weekend! Can't wait!

Raeanne! Can't wait to hear the next date of the GF weekend. I want to go and will do everything I can to get over to your side of the coast!

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Dee - I am booking you a presentation slot next year - "The Italian Chickie's Relaxation Rituals". Have fun in NC.

Marci - Congrats. I know it's bittersweet, but it is so great to leave on a high note and it sounds like you will have no problem filling your "free" time. I am happy for you.

Ivamae - I am so happy that you only have 3 more treatments to go. Sending positive thoughts to you.

Suzanne - what a perfect way for you to spend your weekend. I'm gonna find some happy chicken's and make some mayo too.

Peg - I love those old shows too.

I work this weekend, but hope that the weather cooperates enough to get out on the lake at some point.

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Hi, All,

I'm not posting much this time, but wanted to thank you for sending comforting thoughts about me giving Heather a good life.
Monday I came down with the worst cold I've had in 20 years, and I hope it goes away soon.

Be well, and I wish everyone a great weekend!

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Hi all!

Jan--omg, I feel so terrible as I missed your post that Bobby passed. I am so very, very sorry. I feel like such a jerk, whining and kevetching about my "problems", when you are going through this. You're in my thoughts and prayers, and please accept my condolences. ((((((hugs))))))) (But I didn't realize that you're my long-lost SIL, b/c it sounds like we have the same MIL--ugh.)

Amy--gad, I must have missed your post also--did you lose Heather? ((((((hugs!!!!))))))

I swear, I must start reading more closely. I will read something, and then it just falls out of my pea=brain. Sigh. Can I blame it on school?

Marci--congrats on your retirement! What a sweet word that is--retirement. :) Have a great time in FL!

BJ--how's your mom doing?

IvA--I'm so glad that your treatments are going so good!!!

Tikansis--yooohoooo! Come out and play!! Where are you? I hope you're feeling better form that nasty fall!

Well, It's quiet on the homefront. MIL showed up one morning ,and and a performed a sob-fest, and then borderlined yelled at me. In.My.Own.House. I apparently have a spine, and told her in no uncertain terms that I will not be spoken to int hat way in my own house, and if she could continue in an adult manner, then I would listen. She blamed everything on me, and blah, blah, blah. Same ol' story, different day. I think I am going tomorrow, just to be sickening sweet... I feel a couple of "bless your heart"s coming on. :)

Hope all is well!



Besh--I love Maine Coons--Renee that used to psot years many moons ago had one named Moose. :)

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We met DS's new girlfriend last night and then they left early this afternoon to go to a wedding in Pittsburgh. DH and I went on a picnic with my family and came home just now to the news that my SIL's brother was murdered on Thursday and apparently they just found the body this morning. I don't know all the details yet as we could only get in touch with my MIL and DH said she was rambling. But I do know that my SIL can't take much more. It was her son (my 21 year old nephew) that was killed in a car accident almost 3 years ago.

We will try to find out more tomorrow.

Maddie - You are right though, it sometimes takes seeing other people's problems to put our own troubles into perspective.

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That is just terrible news to receive. Hoping you get more details soon.

My thoughts are with you and the rest of the family

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Marci, (((((HUGS)))) keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. What a tragedy for this family.

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Marci, I was ready to post something funny about my sister's pre-school class graduation, and saw this sad news. How horrifying for your SIL and your family. You are all in my prayers. So much unnecessary violence and sadness in this world. God bless you all.

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