Replace Cord or Buy a New Iron?

momrox4June 3, 2005

My cat bit into the cord of my Rowenta steam iron and split it almost in half. Can I replace this cord without too much difficulty, or would I be better off (and less frustrated) if I buy a new iron?

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Back in the "old days", I replaced 3 or 4 iron cords a week, but haven't done any in about 15 years(except the wifes).

Before you get too involved, see if a cord is available. So many of the appliance repair shops have closed in the last few years. If you can't get a cord, buy a new one.

If you are mechanically skilled, see if you can get the iron apart. See how the cord terminals are mounted. If they are crimped, screwed or soldered. If they are screwed, you may be able to change, otherwise it's probably a lost cause.

The cord carries a large current, so don't splice or try to bypass any safety features.

Good luck,


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Here's an online dealer that has cords. If you can't find one locally, this might be an option.

If you still have any good hardware stores around (and I know they are getting hard to find), take the iron in and have someone there look at it. You may be able to get a universal replacement cord that would work.

As Pee_Wee said, irons draw a high amount of electrical current, so you can't use just any lamp cord. The cord for an iron is heavier duty than a lamp cord.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rowenta Replacement Cords

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Look for a local small appliance repair shop or small tool repair shop. I wanted to replace the cord on a saw that my dog chewed off, and a new battery charger for my drill that wasn't charging. Cost? Nothing, it turns out the shop does a lot of warranty repairs for various companies. They check warranty information and get reimbursed by the company. It was a neat suprise for me, and I was only out of my items for a week.

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