speweyAugust 26, 2002

Last week while I was away a small meteorite hit my house, breaking a window, passing through a laminate floor upstairs and shattering a ceramic tile in my kitchen floor downstairs before going into the basement and burying itself into a small impact crater downstairs in the slab. I can fix the window easily, have some spare tiles for the kitchen and can patch the ceiling and fill the crater with Quikrete, but the laminate is badly dimpled around the hole and the edges are burned. The hole is not that large; the meterorite was probably no bigger than a golf ball, but can the laminate be repaired? Should I simply make a patch from a spare board? I'm afraid it will look like a plug. Or can I cut the piece out and patch in another board? This is glue-down laminate; I am afraid if I pry up the board I will just make a mess. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Meteorites are valuable. Sell it and use the money for repairs.

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wow! that's a wild thing to happen! i don't know how much you could sell the meteorite for, but have you thought about reporting the damage to your insurance agent? don't most homeowner insurance policies have an "act of God" clause? surely a meteorite qualifies! hey, they'll pay for storm damage, and i guess you could say this is storm damage, of a sort.... interstellar storm damage!

good luck with repairs!

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Meteorites sell in the $400/gram range. Something the size of a golfball is easily in the thousands. Take pictures!!!


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